Saturday, January 30

Start of a New Adventure

Hello Everyone,

You may have noticed a lack of posts here in recent months. Jumpin' J's little sister was born on December 4th and we have been very busy getting settled in as a family. Since our family has a new member we have started a new blog for you all to enjoy. We will be archiving Jumpin' J's Adventures but you can visit us at our new location:

See you all at The Paper!

Saturday, November 21

Old Friends and New Ones

Katy, Meghan, and I have been friends for about... gulp... 25 years now. We've stayed friends through different schools, different states, marriages, kids, and everything else that life has thrown at us. We drift apart for a while and then when we talk it's like no time has passed. Meg now lives in Chicago so it's been a long time since we have all seen each other, over 5 years to be exact. So when she decided to come East to visit there was no option, come hell or high water we would get together. And it was so much fun!!! Just like no time had elapsed... we might have been sitting on Katy's bed in middle school giggling over some boy. I hope it's not another 5 years before we can do it again!!!!
And our three munchkins played so well together. Linds is exactly 9 months older than J who is 9 months older than Riley so they're all in the terrible twos and threes but they did really well for never having played together.
**It was REALLY hard to get the three of them to stay still!**
I hope that someday they can appreciate the power of friendship that has kept their moms so close for so long! Love you guys!!!!

Thursday, November 19

So Fast

I look back on the last two and a half years and can't believe that it's already been that long. Jumpin' J used to be my itty bitty baby and now he is such a big boy with his own thoughts and opinions.


And then I look back just 36 weeks and think that I now have an almost full term baby in my belly and marvel at how fast that has flown by too. I am such a lucky mom to have such a wonderful big boy and a new baby on the way.


Happy 2.5 years my big boy! I love you!

Wednesday, November 18


I think this question might be every parent's worst nightmare. It certainly was mine. Jumpin' J is officially using it for everything now. And I try to answer him honestly as much as I can. But after the fiftieth "Why" I found myself answering this age old question with an age old answer...

"because I said so".

I guess this makes me an official parent now!