Friday, March 27

Miss Babydoll Comes To Visit

On Monday Babydoll came to visit for a while to play with Jumpin' J! She is such a talkative little pixie and it was a delight to have her over.
She and J look like they are the same size but while they are about the same height J weighs about 8 pounds more!
I spent the afternoon marveling at the differences and similarities between the two of them while they played and tussled and watched a little Cars and generally had a great time.
They even had time to play a little foosball.
Even if they had to stand on stools
We all had such a good time and we hope Babydoll comes back soon!!!

Thursday, March 26

Yummm Raspberries

It started out so innocently...
Then in for a taste...
Then over to markers...
Yummy Raspberry Marker!!!

Not My Baby Anymore

He's getting to be such a big boy and finally got to sit forward facing in his car seat this week. It was such an exciting ride in the car to Trader Joe's and back for J.
He pointed out all the oncoming cars and laughed his head off when I caught his eyes in the rearview mirror. I am so excited for him but a little sad for me because it's just one more step towards him being a boy and not my little itty bitty baby anymore. Love you J!

Wednesday, March 25


Baby let's cruise, away from here
Don't be confused, the way is clear
& if you want it you got it forever
This is not a one night stand, baby, yeah so


Let the music take your mind, ooh
Just release & you will find
You're gonna fly away
Glad you're goin' my way
I love it when we're cruisin' together


Daddy taught Jumpin' J the basics of Foosball this weekend! Good thing we have a little stool courtesy of Double Great Uncle Morris for J to stand on because he really likes to watch the ball.

Tuesday, March 24


Someday they will fit you Jumpin' J!

Monday, March 23

Tech Support

With my busy season for work coming up I have to spend some time at the computer these days. Yesterday Jumpin' J was playing with all the random animals in his toybox in my office when I noticed that he was lining them up on my desk.
He was so deliberate about it, even going so far as to rearrange them into some order known only to J. I asked him what he was doing and he said "Animas hepping momma". I guess every mom could use a little help during the day!
There were soon so many animals helping that I didn't need to do it myself so I paused to take a picture and then J and I went to play cars downstairs. Thanks for the help Jumpin' J and all the animals.

Sunday, March 22

Yummy Yummy Chimichanga

Jumpin' J's dad and I think it's so funny to hear J say Chimichanga that we tell him all "mexican" food are chimichangas. Here he is eating his first real soft taco aka chimichanga!

Saturday, March 21

I'd Forgotten How Fun...

The playground is! This week we had the first nice and warm day of the year and Jumpin' J and I took advantage of every second we could. We met up with a few friends at one of the local playgrounds. Knowing that J is a little bit daredevil I thought it was really interesting to see him at first because he was so tentative. But once he remembered how fun it was, off he went!

J and Lightning
J and Babydoll

Friday, March 20

Operation Lunch: Pancakes and Jello

This weekend we invited our friends over to enjoy a fun to eat at any time of the day brunch of pancakes. J's dad was at the stove since he is the official pancake maker of the family. And Marci generously provided mini chocolate chips to add with blueberries, strawberries, and bananas to the pancakes. We also had real whipped cream and maple syrup for on top.
The kids all ate their fill and then had a good time making mini jello jigglers before going off to play. I think I can speak for everyone when I say it was a good time, we need to do it again soon! And a special thanks to EZ for helping J's dad move the mammoth train table!

Like You, Love Your Crackers

Jumpin' J and Ares (Greek God of War) have been friends for about a year now. J looks forward to seeing him at gym class and today was no exception. And after class Ares' mom was the super mom as usual and had crackers for Ares which he kindly shared with J. One minute they were both running around and the next minute there they were, sharing Ares' crackers and watching the older babes in the next class.

Thursday, March 19

St. Patty's Fun

This week was St. Patrick's Day and since J and I are partially Irish we felt it appropriate to celebrate in style. We started the day putting the corned beef and potatoes for dinner into the crockpot to simmer all day.
Then we went to a St. Patty's Day party with our WMM friends where we got to go swimming, eat good green food, and play in the gym! We both had a great time.
We got home in time to add the cabbage to the crockpot. After J's nap he helped me to cook dinners for our friends to be delivered the next day. And for dinner J got to enjoy his first corned beef and cabbage St. Patrick's Day dinner. His pronouncement, "Yummy, good!" That sums it up!

Spring's Arrival

While this is technically Jumpin' J's second spring he was so little last year that everything is new and wondrous this year. New leaves on our bushes outside are a cause for celebration! It's so refreshing to look at life through his eyes, reminds you that the little things are important too!

Sunday, March 15

After the Rain

What does rain leave behind? Puddles...
And waterfalls.
And boy does Jumpin' J love them both. We had a great time the other day splashing through the puddles near our house and looking down the drain to see the waterfall pouring down. So much fun after being cooped up in the house for two days straight.

Feeding the Wild Beast

When Jumpin' J goes to Grandma Laurie's house he gets to feed Grandma's kitty, Sally. It is a very important job and he makes sure he does it carefully. He carries the cup in two hands from the big bin to Sally Kitty's dish.
Then pours the food into the dish.
And he's so good he even picks up the ones he spills and puts those in too.
Sally Kitty loves Jumpin' J!!

Saturday, March 14

Spy Glass? House? Periscope?

With a little bit of imagination a toilet paper roll can be soo much fun! It can be a pirate spy glass to see Captain J the Pirate...
Or a periscope to see fish in the sea...
Or a house for the Cheerios to live in....
With a little imagination it can be sooo many things!!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa J

My Grandpa's birthday is today and we wish him a very happy one!!!
Jumpin' J was wondering if perhaps he could DRIVE your Porche next time he sees you. He really wants to be a race car driver these days and thinks that it might help him practice!

Friday, March 13

Go Go Speed Racer

J and his dad got a jogging stroller for Christmas from Santa Claus. It's been to cold to use it so far this winter but this past weekend it warmed up enough. J immediately said it was a "race car" so now he can play race car driver when he rides. J and his dad put it together and pumped up the tires.
And then took it out for a chilly but refreshing ride. Go Go Speed Racer!!!


When Uncle Andrew came home from the hospital almost 29 years ago he brought Jumpin' J's mom home a doll who was promptly named Bethy. This doll lived in Mommy's bed and traveled the world with her, and even went to college with her for a time.
Before J was born Bethy lived in his room but when he took over Bethy had to go live in the closet with the stuffed mooses. Recently Bethy has become "Befy" and is Jumpin' J's new best friend.
He plays with her in his room, reads to her, puts her to bed, wants to have her nap with him, and in general loves her! He even wants to sleep in her bed with her but he's a little too big.

Thursday, March 12

Jail Break

Jumpin' J tried to escape the evil clutches of the Tickle Monster today by hiding in a box!
The Tickle Monster joined forces with the Smoochy Monster to launch a full scale giggle attack!
Both Sides Won!!!!!

All Man Right Here

It doesn't get more macho than reading on the pot!

Wednesday, March 11

Fun with Waffles

You may say "What? It's just a frozen waffle. How much fun can that be?"
And J would reply "It can be a house or an airplane and one square is the perfect size for a chair."
And he would be right!

Susie's Kisses

One of the miracles of afternoon sunlight is that Grandma Susie's Kisses show up on the wall!
The whole foyer and into the dining room are covered with them. The other day Jumpin' J ran up to one and said Susie's Kisses, it made my heart melt!
Miss you Grandma Susie but you live on forever in our hearts and your prisms.

Tuesday, March 10

Barber's Kids

This past week Jumpin' J and I got together with some of the other "Barber's Girls" and their kids. J had an awesome time playing with "Tommy B's" toys although he did steal his peas.
And I had a great time visiting with Michelle and Sandy!!! We can't wait to do it again soon. Here's a pic of Tommy B, Jumpin' J, and Star.

Weeds Can Be Good

If the weed is called Jumpin' J! Yup, I looked over at him this morning and this is what I saw...
Think we need to pack these away?

Sunday, March 8

Sicky Sick Boy

Last week Jumpin' J got really sick. He had a fever of 103.7 and scared his dad and I with how sick he was. Our fabulous Dr. D diagnosed an ear infection as well as a nasty cold. He spent about 2 days basically sitting on the couch watching the Cars Movie over and over again.

I don't feel good.
Dino PJ's all day long

And by the third day he was back up and running at top speed, guess he just needed a little regeneration time!!!

Cheerios Morning Noon and Night

Jumpin' J is on a cheerios kick these days. He eats the honey nut, banana nut, and regular ones, he's really not picky. He also likes to listen to them....
What do YOU think they say?

Saturday, March 7

Babies, Babies, Babies...

But not in our house!!!

With my cousin and several friends having just had babies there are quite a lot in our lives right now. And Jumpin' J likes to talk about them now. And J just rediscovered his Daddy's old Cabbage Patch kid so now J plays with it....

Baby sits to watch the "cars movie" with him...
And he changes Baby's diaper and doesn't forget the diaper rash cream...
And he shows Baby how to play trucks.
The thing that amazes me the most is that all of this has been totally unprompted by me, it's totally all him!!! But if you ask him if he wants a baby in our house you get an empathetic NO!