Friday, June 26

Such a Good Boy

When you are a good boy at the bank you get to have....
A Green Lollipop!!!

Thursday, June 25


Jumpin' J likes stickers. He got a whole box of Dr. Seuss ones from Baby Brad for his birthday and they have been a great source of amusement this last month as the monsoon season here in Massachusetts continues. The J way of playing with stickers is to take ALL the stickers off of the sheet and stick them to his shirt.


This is especially fun for me since they then peel off and stick everywhere in the house so we can find them for weeks after ;) Ahh the joys of being two!!!

Wednesday, June 24


There's a new play place that opened up in one of the towns near us and yesterday our mom's group took the place over for a couple of hours. It was really fun for Jumpin' J to get to check out a new place with all of his friends.

Indiana Jumpin' J
Indiana J

Which Came First the J or the Egg?
J Egg

Thanks to Stephanie and Lauren for the pics!

Sunday, June 21

Happy Dad's Day

Happy Father's Day
to DADDY!!!
And all the other Dads in our lives!
including but not limited to...
Grandpa Kimball, Grandpa Johnson, Grandpa Potter, Grandpa Gary,
Uncle Tim, GUD, GUT,
Uncle Mike, Uncle Deano, Uncle EZ,
and everyone else!!!

Tuesday, June 16

Higher Daddy Higher

The playground is great but with Daddy in tow it is amazing!!! The swing was by far Jumpin' J's favorite thing at the playground...

First to swing with Daddy...
Then to have Daddy push you...
And then the biggest pushes ever...
Summer is... Higher and Higher!
Higher Daddy Higher He Says!!!

Monday, June 15

Big Truck Day

Life just doesn't get much better than our local
Big Truck Day

TWO Ambulances
Police Car
Police Motorcycle
Dump Truck
Garbage Truck
Tanker Truck
Big Tow Truck
School Bus
... And a FREE Hard Hat!





Monday, June 8

Recent Adventures

Summer is almost here and Jumpin J is already making the most of the good weather!!! I have been slacking lately here on the blog so I promise to try to do better going forward. But to tide you over here are a few recent pictures. J's hair is awesome right now because when you put sunscreen in it you can make it stay in a red mohawk and who wouldn't want a red mohawk!?!?!?

Water Water Everywhere!!
The petting zoo at the big zoo, baby goats are cool!
Playing at the Grist Mill with Daddy while Mommy works.