Friday, May 30

Happy Birthday Uncle Andrew

Today is my younger brother's birthday! He's a little crazy but we love him anyway! Happy Birthday Uncle Andrew!


Glorious Cakes Part 2

They came out awesome!!! See what you think!


Few Pictures From J's Birthday!

I got a ton of great pictures from Jumpin' J's birthday this weekend but I'm just posting a few. If you want to see them all let me know and I'll send them via Snapfish. Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with us, it was a really fun day!

On his new tricycle

With his ladies!

Peek-a-boo I see you!

Family photo!

Let him eat cake!

That cake was good! Tubby time now?

My turn at the pinata!


That was an awesome day!

Thursday, May 29

Redheads Unite!

I caught this quick shot of the three redheads in my family at Jumpin' J's birthday party. It's rare to catch them all together especially since Grandma Laurie hates having her picture taken. I figure since it was just the top of her head it would be ok ;)

Did you know that red hair is caused by having two copies of a recessive gene on Chromosome 16? Yup, it's true. Red hair is the rarest of the hair colors and is found in only 1-2% of the world's population. The greatest number of redheads actually reside in the U.S. with between 6 and 18 million at any time but that is from the descendants of the immigrants from the British Isles and Nordic countries. Although the rumor is that red hair is going away there is no scientific proof of this and it can skip generations, as in Jumpin' J's case, before reappearing.

Happy Anniversary Auntie Erika & Uncle Mike

Today is Auntie Erika and Uncle Mike's 3rd Wedding Anniversary!!!

Jumpin' J with Auntie Erika on his birthday, Uncle Mike had to work that day :(

Tuesday, May 27

Potter Look-alike Meter

J's Dad and I find it really interesting that people either think Jumpin' J looks just like him or just like me. It's only our family and close friends that think he looks like a combo. It's our theory that he actually looks like the features we have in common. My has a website that allows you to put in pictures of you and your kids and it tells you who the kids look most like. Big surprise.... Jumpin' J looks like both his mom and dad equally!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

It's Jumpin' J's Dad's 29 plus 2 birthday today!!! Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!










Saturday, May 24

Cake, Glorious Cake

Last night Auntie Donna and I made the three cakes for Jumpin' J's birthday party. Since J's Dad's birthday is Tuesday and Uncle Andrew's Birthday is Friday we made each of them a cake in addition to J's cake. In honor of Jumpin' J's bug theme each cake was a different type of bug. And I have to pat Donna and I on the back because I think they came out AWESOME!!! I don't want to brag but they came out just the way I envisioned them and they are so darned cute! I'll post pictures tomorrow so I don't ruin the surprise for party goers but here is what they are...

For Jumpin' J - ant made with a non-dairy, non-soy recipe
For J's Dad - caterpillar with devil's food cake and a creamy vanilla frosting
For Uncle Andrew - bee with fudge marble cake and creamy vanilla frosting

I did have a couple of mishaps while making J's cake but I figure that was to keep Auntie Donna laughing and it was all good in the end. From our taste tests they taste as good as they look!!!

Now onto dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the kitchen floor...

Friday, May 23

Auntie Donna's Visit

Jumpin J's birthday party is this coming Sunday. Since J's Dad is still a little gimpy Auntie Donna came up to visit tonight so she can go with Daddy and J to gym class tomorrow and I can get the cakes made for the party. Tonight she did the story honors....


Testing Video Upload

Here is Jumpin' J in our friend's sandbox. He loved it!!

Picture From The Daddy Vault

J's dad and I both got new phones this week. He uses his for work a lot so he got a really cool Samsung that's like a Blackberry. When he was looking at it last night I saw this picture on it. The picture is Jumpin' J when he was only about 45 minutes old. It's kinda crazy but I think he still looks the same only bigger. What do you think?


Wednesday, May 21

Jumpin' J's Day

Monday was a good day for Jumpin' J although I'm pretty sure he didn't really get that it was his birthday. We sang Happy Birthday to him when he first got up.


Then we played with his trucks and read some books.


One of his new books from Grandma Laurie is the Grouchy Ladybug and J loves to find the teeny tiny ladybug on each page. After that we had breakfast and J took a nap.


When he woke up from his nap he got dressed and played in his sock and shoe drawer for a while.


Later in the afternoon we met up with his birthday buddy.


And when we got home Daddy was already home to celebrate with Jumpin' J.


A quick pic with Mommy.


And then his big present from Mommy and Daddy, a big red Radio Flyer wagon.


Which had to be thoroughly inspected.


And then we went for a quick walk to check out the ride.


After his ride it was dinner and a bath. In the bath he got to play with some of his new tubby toys that Daddy picked out for him.


He was tuckered out after a very busy day and went right to sleep, on his belly with his thumb in his mouth and his bum in the air.


Tuesday, May 20

Jumpin' J's One Year Pictures

Today Jumpin' J and I went on an adventure to get his picture taken. I had a hard time picking so I ended up with four. I think he looks so cute, not that I'm biased or anything. Hope you enjoy them!

James 1 Year - Book

James 1 Year - Car

James 1 Year - Beach

James 1 Year - Retro

Monday, May 19

Happy Birthday To Our Friend L!!!

L was born just three hours after Jumpin' J so he is also one today. L and J are great friends as well as birthday buddies. Hopefully they'll remain friends for life!!! Here they are on their four month birthday!


Today we went to a late lunch with L, his mom, and his grandparents. It was a really nice time. Here they are on their first birthday! Notice that L has had noticeably more hair for their entire lives!


Happy First Birthday Jumpin' J

Today is Jumpin' J's first birthday! It's very hard for me to believe that the time has gone by so fast. But here are his monthly pictures from his first year.

The day Jumpin' J was born:
James 0 Months May 07

One month:
James 1 Month June 07

Two months:
James 2 Months July 07

Three months:
James 3 Months Aug 07

Four months:
James 4 Months Sept 07

Five months:
James 5 Months Oct 07 - 2

Six months:
James 6 Months Nov 07

Seven months:
James 7 Months Dec 07

Eight months:
James 8 Months Jan 08 - 2

Nine months:
James 9 Months Feb 08

Ten months:
James 10 Months Mar 08

Eleven months:
James 11 Months Apr 08

One year!!
James 1 Year May 08