Wednesday, December 31


Jumpin' J is a hugging maniac. He gives everything "huggies"! And I know it melts both his daddy's and my hearts when he gives us hugs!! He is a special little boy!!!

Pasta Amore

And who doesn't love a little pasta with red sauce, not Jumpin' J that's for sure!! I had to strip him almost all the way down because a bib just doesn't cut it for this kid! It's love for sure!

Tuesday, December 30

Grandpa Gary Likes Thomas Too

Grandpa Gary and Donna came down the day after Christmas to visit with us and give Jumpin' J his presents! He was totally loving the Thomas set and trains that they got for him. And they also got him a wicked cool Thomas ornament that he kept taking off the tree to try to play with! He even got a train named Arthur which is Grandpa Gary's real first name, super neat!
Grandpa, Uncle "Anrew", and Daddy had a great time setting up the Thomas set that J had just gotten and connecting it to the set that Santa had brought. Meanwhile J just kept running around and around the table trying to get in to play! Big boys and little boys all love trains!!!

What are BIG cousins for?

To help you play with your toys of course! We had a great time in the evening on Christmas Day with the entire Potter family! From the great food and company to the always fantastic and fun Yankee Swap we all had a super time!

Monday, December 29

Presents from Santa

Just what we always wanted!!! Jumpin' J got his train set and a tent and tunnel set...
J's dad got a jogging stroller for he and J to use....
And I got candy and a toothbrush ;) oh yeah and a GPS for my car!

Ho Ho Ho Came

And J's dad and I caught him on video!!! Here's J watching the video with his dad...
And here's what Santa left upstairs for us...
And here's what he left downstairs!

Sunday, December 28

Rip, Thank You, Rip, Thank You

After breakfast on Christmas morning Grandma Laurie, Uncle "Anrew", and Auntie Kim came to open presents at our house! J opened up most of his presents before he went down for a nap! He was so cute opening presents, he would rip off a small piece of paper and hand it to who ever was "heping" and say "tank you" as he handed you each piece. He had us all cracking up!
I do want to give a big shout out to Uncle Andrew for his creativity in wrapping Sean's and my gift this year! He taped together a bunch of money and then used it as wrapping paper to wrap a box of truffles. He even made a bow! Very impressive indeed!!

Eve with the Kimballs

Jumpin' J, his dad, and I went up to my grandpa's house on Christmas Eve to visit with my mom's side of the family. J loved seeing his big cousin Margaret!!
He had a great time "watering" Pops' tree with his new turtle watering can.
And generally kept everyone laughing including himself!

Saturday, December 27

American Classic

Jumpin' J has thus far missed out on many classic dishes because of his dairy allergy. Now that he has outgrown that he is getting to try things like mac 'n cheese, yogurt, and of course, pizza!!!
Maybe this week we'll try tacos!!!

Friday, December 26

Size Doesn't Matter

Just because a tree is small doesn't mean that it can't be gorgeous!

First Snowfall

Last week we had a huge snowstorm! It was awesome! I love the first snowfall of the season, especially when I can curl up next to the fire with a good book while the storm rages outside. J of course was just patiently waiting for it to let up enough to go outside to play!!! It was still bitterly cold but we did get out for a little bit to enjoy the new powder!

Thursday, December 25

Happy Holidays!

From our family to yours!!!
Family Xmas 08

Wednesday, December 24

Santa Winks

For as long as I could remember my Grandma always wore a special Santa pin on Christmas. She had gotten it when she was a little girl and it was awesome because when you tilted it he winked at you.

Grandma died almost 6 years ago now but I still miss her alot. Christmas was her favorite time of the year. I can still remember her singing all off key at midnight service because she just loved those Christmas tunes! She had not one but two trees. One upstairs in her living room, that one always had a theme and was different every year. And one in the basement, that one was fake and it had all the oldies but goodies ornaments on it. We'd always have a huge mountain of presents under that fake tree in the basement. And we'd all huddle around the space heater until the basement warmed up a little. The memories I have of Christmas all revolve around her, she was the glue!

Christmas of 1985 was the year that she and Grandpa made me a dollhouse, it was so fantastic! They had built it out of hardwood and it was wallpapered and decorated perfectly, some rooms even had chair rails. Grandma had braided rugs for the floor and made curtains and bedspreads and even little throw pillows that matched. And in the living room was a teeny Christmas tree with presents under it that I got to unwrap! The love they put into that dollhouse made that the best Christmas ever!!!

Even that last Christmas when she was really sick we went to see her. She stayed on the couch while we opened presents but she was so happy to have her family with her! I know that it meant so much to her to be able to celebrate her favorite time of the year with her favorite people on earth!

I really wish that she was still alive today because she would just love Jumpin' J to pieces. I wish that she had seen me and my brother get married and get to see my little cousins grow up. But I know that she is in a better place now and that her spirit lives on in all of us! So every year at Christmas it is now my proudest moment when I open up that little box and put on the Winking Santa because it reminds me what the true meaning of Christmas is.

Merry Christmas Grandma!

Tuesday, December 23

Winter Schminter

Really now Mom, a manly man, doesn't need to wear a shirt in the winter time...
And a super hero definitely doesn't need one!

Monday, December 22

Coal and Cranberries

Jumpin' J is big into sharing these days, especially with his toys! J knows that trains eat coal but he decided to share his breakfast with his train, Neville, the other day. He would give Neville a bite of cranberry and then eat the rest himself. I guess Neville must have liked it because he helped J eat the whole bunch!

Sunday, December 21

Coulda Hada...

J's a very good eater but he also wants to try anything his dad or I have. The other morning at breakfast Daddy was drinking a glass of V8 juice and J wanted a sip. He liked it so much that his dad got out two straws to share the juice!!!

Saturday, December 20

Ho! Ho! Ho!

If you ask Jumpin' J what Santa Claus says he replies Ho! Ho! Ho! Here are Jumpin' J's official Christmas pictures! And a Ho! Ho! Ho! for everyone!!!
James Xmas 08 Polo
James Xmas 08 Face
James Xmas 08 Baseball

Friday, December 19

Welcome to Cooking with J

Trouble #1 and Trouble #2 are not only Jumpin' J's best friends but they also happen to be the owners of one of J's favorite toys, a Dora kitchen that's just his size. When ever we go over to visit he immediately runs into their living room to play. The other day I was talking to the T Girls' mom in the kitchen when I realized that J never even took his coat and hat off. I went looking and sure enough he was cooking in the kitchen with his coat, hat, and even his mittens still on. He sure loves to cook!!!

Thursday, December 18

Have you Hugged a Neigh Today?

Each year we fill up the little drawers in our advent calendar with teeny tiny suprises to enjoy leading up to Christmas. Since there are three of us now we each get 8 drawers and J's have all been filled with little animals to play with the first was the penguin. Now he's gotten a few more drawers and he loves to play with all of them. They're pretty little so he gets to play with them while I cook. He marches them around the table and makes all the animal noises. He also likes to feed them and talk to them.
Here he is hugging to one of his horses.

Wednesday, December 17

Great Train Escape

OK so they didn't actually escape but I think Jumpin' J would have gone to live there if he could. Last weekend J, his dad, and I went to the New England Model Train show and it was AWESOME! J sat on Santa's lap which he wasn't so psyched about but was totally stoked when Santa gave him a present. Then as soon as that was over he was OFF and RUNNING dragging his dad behind him!
He had seen a Thomas set from the door and made a beeline.
Then off again! Com'on Daddy, let's go!!!!
We went from table to display and back again! There were so many trains and things to do; it was truly one of the most fun days we've all had this fall!
We didn't leave 'til the thumb came out and it was time for a nap! We're already planning to go to the Worcester show in February and we'll go back to this one again next fall!!!

Tuesday, December 16

Rubba Dub Dub

Three monkeys in a tub!!! A couple of J's and my friends came over to play on Monday morning. The mom's had a good time chatting while the kids played.



And as usual we had great food so none of the kids wanted lunch. But they all took GREAT naps! It is always great to see Lightning and Babydoll (names changed to protect the innocent!) and their moms!!

Monday, December 15

It Does a Body Good

Recently we went to the allergist to have Jumpin' J tested to see if he'd outgrown his dairy and soy allergies. We were very pleased to find out that he had although he is slightly allergic to eggs so we can take two off the list but add one one. Since that trip we have tried yogurt and cheese, both of which he likes. And tonight I switched his soy milk out for a little whole milk. There is definitely a taste difference!!! Even though he drank some of it I think it's going to be a longer transition! Here he is drinking his first glass of milk!!!

Monday, December 8

One and Two and...

I'm not sure what he was trying to do here but this is what I found when I came in to get him from his nap. Looks like push-ups to me!

Sunday, December 7

Passenger Pengiun

Every year we fill the little drawers in our advent calendar with little goodies to enjoy. Jumpin' J's first draw this year had a penguin in it that he discovered could ride around in his overalls!
Enjoy the ride little passenger penguin!!!

Grafton Tree Lighting

This afternoon at 4:30 was the official Grafton tree lighting ceremony. Seems like half the town was there!
It was bitterly cold out so we got there just in time to see the lights being lit!
And Jumpin' J waited patiently to get to see Santa (or Ho Ho as he is known at our house) and even got to give him a high five over the other kids' heads. There are definite benefits to riding on Daddy's shoulders.

Saturday, December 6

I'm gonna get you

OK so it's a really wobbly video but he is so hilarious. He loves to chase you around the kitchen/hallway/dining room circle!

Happy Birthday Brad

Happy Birthday to Jumpin' J's big cousin, Brad! We hope that you have a fantastic day!

Friday, December 5

Christmas Shopping

Since I am finished with our Christmas shopping I am helping out some others with their holiday tasks. The most fun has been Auntie Laura's friend Melissa who needed Jumpin' J and I to help shop for some of the kids in her life.

Luckily has most of the things we decided to get and they have come in giant boxes which are very fun to play in. Unfortunately for J the toys that have come, while they look tantalizing, are not for him. He's a little bummed so having the boxes is a great consolation prize.

Thursday, December 4

Breakfast with Karen & Jeff

This weekend Uncle Jeff and Auntie Karen came to stay overnight after going to the Patriots game with J's Dad. In the morning they stopped for just a minute to join Jumpin' J while he had breakfast.

Wednesday, December 3

Super Secret Project

Here is the tiniest hint of the
super dooper secret project
that Jumpin' J and I are working on
for his Daddy for Christmas.
We have had a blast
and we know that Daddy will love it!!

Tuesday, December 2

Some Day He May Be MAD At Me.....

For posting this picture of him but it is just too funny to pass up! He was so excited to get his hands on the "boogie sucker" and try to suck his own!
We were both giggling hysterically!!! What a funny little boy!!!!