Wednesday, May 27

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Today is Daddy's 32nd Birthday!!!
Why My Daddy Is the Best In the World
By Jumpin' J

* Tickle Monster with his hand
* Baseball with Daddy
* Frogs outside
* Foosball downstairs
* Story voices - Fee Fi Fo Fum
* Sing Songs
Ring the rosey
Pocket posies
Ashes Ashes
Fall Down
* Animal Noise - Coyote!

Tuesday, May 19

What Does a 2nd Birthday Look Like?

7:15 am: wake up, turn on fishtank in crib, play with teeny beanies
8am: Mom gets you up and you go downstairs for juice and a waffle
8:30am: temper tantrum because you want to wear the grasshopper shirt, you win cause it's your birthday
9am: watch Sprout on TV
10am: leave to go to the playground
10:15am: guy at Dunkin' Donuts gives you extra munchkins because it's your birthday
10:20am: arrive at playground and immerse yourself in playing and eating munchkins
11am: chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and smiley face rings on them
11:15am: eat the frosting off your second cupcake
11:40am: eat the frosting off your third cupcake, it is your birthday after all
Cupcakes are Yummy
11:45am: run around like a crazy man covered in chocolate
12:20pm: throw temper tantrum because we have to leave to have lunch and take naps, lose this battle!
12:30pm: get home to see the bus pulling away, mini temper tantrum, sugar is wearing off!
12:35pm: go with Mom to the mailbox to see if you get mail! You got a catalog, very exciting!!
12:40pm: Upstairs for a nap you go but when Mom changes you, you beg for a book
12:45pm: Mom reads you "Happy Birthday Thomas" and then you and Bethy take a nap!
4pm: get up from said nap with chocolate still on your face but feeling refreshed
4:05pm: run outside to play with Troubles 1 and 2
4:15pm: off in the car to dinner with the girls
4:45pm: chaos reigns at Uno's with a magician who makes balloon animals
6pm: save Uno's from the terror and head home to eat more cupcakes
6:30pm: just enough cupcakes for everyone to have one
7pm: talk to Daddy on the phone, we miss him when he goes on trips
7:30pm: after three books a tired little boy goes to bed