Sunday, April 19

Berry waffles with cream

Usually J's dad cooks breakfast on Saturday mornings but this week we were seriously missing our favorite breakfast place and so we decided to brave the outside world and go to Rebecca's. Jumpin' J got to have Patriotic waffles with strawberries, real whipped cream, and blueberries, yummmy!!!

Bits and Pieces

He changes so fast and it's hard to believe that next month he will be two. I wanted to capture some of the things that I love so much about him right now so that I have something to look back on when he changes again. Love you Jumpin J!!

Face - IMG_2982
Thumbsucker - IMG_3140
Eyelashes - IMG_3133
Ear - IMG_3075
Bellybutton - IMG_3055
Neck - IMG_3054
Toes - IMG_3019
Back and Bum - IMG_3024
Cowlick - IMG_3017
Red Hair - IMG_3016
Arm - IMG_3011
Mouth - IMG_2992
Nose - IMG_3003
Eye - IMG_2991
His Contagious Laugh - IMG_2982

Saturday, April 18

The Grandma Easters

On Easter Jumpin' J was lucky enough to visit Grandma and Grandpa's house where he got to see both of them and Auntie Donna.
He went to church with Daddy and was a very good boy. And when he got back he got to have another "essa egg" hunt, totally awesome!
Then he and Daddy drove to NH to meet up with me at Grandma Laurie's house and Uncle Andrew and Auntie Kim came too. At Grandma's he got a forklift and bulldozer for his little people and had fun all afternoon playing.

Friday, April 17

Ho Ho's Friend Came

When J woke up on Easter morning he asked if Ho Ho had come. We explained that Ho Ho's friend the Easter Bunny came and brought him more "essa eggs" and that he would have to find them. He was sooooo excited! Life is good!

Thursday, April 16

Mail, Cards, and a ... Bulldozer?

It's always a great adventure to get mail at our house. It is an especially great day when J gets mail. Last week J got two cards in one day and it was AWESOME!!! One had an Easter Bunny on it from "Sandi" and the other had a Bulldozer carrying an "essa egg" on it from Grandpa Gary and Donna. The one from Grandpa also had a "credit card" gift certificate which J was super duper excited about.
We went to AC Moore on Saturday with our coupon and J's "credit card" and he got to pick out a Thomas train for his collection. I called it and was right!!! He picked Byron the bulldozer to take home with him. He even carried the bulldozer, coupon, and credit card to the cashier all by himself and paid too. It was so cute and the cashier was definitely in love ;)

Which came first?

The animal cracker or the egg? In our house the egg did but the animal cracker soon followed.
A dozen eggs were not enough coloring for Jumpin' J and his dad so they colored animal crackers too, one for each egg to "guard" the eggs. From what I'm still not sure, I think it's a guy thing ;)

Wednesday, April 15

Fixin' Rocks

The weather is getting nice enough for J and I to play outside most days. We got back from the mailboxes and the landscapers had edged the walkways. J was very excited to realize that part of that process involved turning up the earth and therefore pulling many many rocks to the top! He started searching for them, he found BIG rocks and little rocks and teeny tiny rocks and each one was like a treasured jewel!!!!
Like the good mother that I try to be I asked him if he wanted me to help him build a tower with the rocks but he said "No Mama, fixin rocks". OK I didn't know what fixing them was but he had it all under control obviously so I went back to reading the mail. I look over a couple of minutes later and saw this...
Yes, he had lined them all up in a straight line. And as he found more rocks he added them to his line. He was very precise about where each one went. We may have another engineer on our hands ;)!

Great Chef

Taking one of my "quickest shower in the world" showers since J is entertaining himself and I hear him in the bathroom. I ask him what he's doing and he says "cooking!". Well good that will keep him occupied so I can rinse out the conditioner and then I hear "SPLASH". Uh oh, there's only one place in our bathroom where that noise comes from. I peek my head out of the shower and J turns around to grin. "Mixin' Mummy" Yup, the big plastic ladle is in the potty being well... Mixed!!!
Don't worry, I scalded the h-e-double hockey sticks out of that thing, it's my favorite ladle.

Saturday, April 11

Sidewalk Chalk Drawings

Jumpin' J loves to color. And he got a big box of chalk from Grandma Laurie which we have been making good use of. Sean got home the other day to find J and I drawing in the driveway and since he's the best Daddy in the world he jumped right in to help. I have to admit his prowess in drawing spiders but I still think my flower was better than his even if J thought it was another spider.
And J loved my "ladybug" and Sean's spider so much that he laid down on the ground to give them kisses, soooo funny!

Friday, April 10

Gunslinger or Dinosaur

Daddy's belts are always a great toy when Daddy happens to leave them within J's range!!! And since J's range has gotten quite large the belts come out often. The only question is...

Thursday, April 9

Still Don't Care...

That it's PINK! He's another year older and wiser but that pink caddie is still the coolest thing since sliced cheese!!!
And here he was last year, check out the difference in hair ;)

Wednesday, April 8

A Hunting We Will Go

I still have so many good memories of the Easter egg hunts and my grandparent's house as a kid, even the one when I was 5 and had the chicken pox and had to have my own private hunt in the house. So when Sean and I heard about the Huge Egg Hunt at a nature reserve near our house I suggested we go. And boy was it worth it!
Come on guys, let's go
Oooh a purple one
Daddy, there's more over here
Putting them carefully in his basket
And a hug for you, Easter Bunny!

Tuesday, April 7

Home Run Red Sox

Yesterday was supposed to be opening day for the Red Sox so we all wore our gear to get revved up! Unfortunately it rained but Jumpin' J has lots of Red Sox clothes so we'll just get out another outfit for him to wear today! Here he practicing to be a power hitter!
Home Run Red Sox!!!

Monday, April 6

Forks, Forks, Forks Oh My

I am happy to report that Jumpin J is consistently using a fork these days
with great success and much enthusiasm!!!

Happy Birthday Auntie Erika!!

Happy Birthday to one of our favorite people! We love you very much and hope that this year is even better than last year!

Sunday, April 5

Spring Has Sprung

It may not be super warm but signs of spring are starting to pop up everywhere. The birds are out chirping and the ducks are on our little pond. The green moss is coming back in the swampy area behind our house.
And Jumpin' J is clambering to get outside to play. Daddy obliged!!

Saturday, April 4

Caught Red Handed

Our house has been the house of klutz this weekend!!! Yesterday at dinner time J tried to drink out of my water glass and dropped and broke it, it was apparently too "hebby"! Then Daddy knocked into a bowl of milk when making Jello pudding last night and spilled it all over the floor. Don't worry he didn't cry over it.

I spent a good part of the night giving Sean a hard time that J is just like him so it was much to my chagrin that when baking an apple pie today I reached for the cinnamon and knocked over and broke an entire bottle of RED food coloring. After much scrubbing it is still a nice pink tint on my hands. So I guess J doesn't fall far from either tree!