Friday, October 30

Happy Birthday Uncle Jeff

Happy Birthday Uncle Jeff!!! We hope you have a great day!!

Thursday, October 29

Halloween Pictures

Halloween '09 is upon us! We went to a WMM party already this week and Jumpin' J is getting psyched up to go trick or treating on Saturday! Here are a couple of shots from our official photo shoot today.
James Firefighter Oct 09
James Firefighter Close-Up Oct 09

Tuesday, October 27

Grandpa Gary's Mini Vacation


Jumpin J is a very lucky boy because 3 of his 4 grandparents (not counting his greats) live about an hour or less from our house. The one exception to this is Grandpa Gary, Mommy's dad, who lives in Colorado. He usually only makes it out here to see us at Christmas time unless there is a family function so we were very excited when he announced that he was coming to visit for a few days.

He flew in on Saturday and spent the night with Uncle Andrew and Auntie Kim. And then Uncle Andrew brought him to our house on Sunday and he just left this morning. Jumpin' J and Grandpa had a great time reading, playing trains, playing animals, watching Peter Pan, and just hanging out. And Grandpa got to go with J and I to our WMM Halloween Party and Parade so J got all dressed up and off we went. A very entertaining time for all I think ;)

It was sad to see him have to leave again so soon but he'll be back in a couple months for Christmas and by then we'll know whether Jumpin' J has a baby brother or sister.... see you then Grandpa Gary!

Monday, October 19

Jack and Lantern

Carved up our pumpkins ...
Happy Jumpin' J sized one and Scary Daddy sized one.
Now onto toasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pies!!!

Sunday, October 18

Touchdown Daddy

Since Daddy and Uncle Jeff have season tickets to the Patriots whenever there is a home game we send Daddy off with some tailgating goodies and then later watch the TV to see if we can see him. Jumpin J thinks that Daddy PLAYS football when he goes so whenever the Pats score he says "Touchdown Daddy"! Daddy is the best!!!

Thursday, October 15

Puffy Stickers

Grandma P is a self proclaimed collector and now that she and Grandpa are going to be selling their big house and moving to something easier to manage she's been cleaning out her closets and we've gotten all of Daddy's collections. One of these collections is of stickers, especially those 80's classics the PUFFY STICKER!!!

Today Jumpin' J discovered them and we had a blast playing with the race car ones! He decided that our bed had the best race track and we raced them all around for the better part of the afternoon. I am sorry to say that they are no longer sticky but they were great little race cars.

He shared with his baby...
And with Mommy...
And had some to race himself...
As well as some to decorate his arm, the bed, and Bethie (the doll). All in all a great adventure!

Monday, October 12

Pure New England Fall Joy!

Honey Pot Hill Orchards... a fall haven of goodness.... a maze, apples, pumpkins, apples, animals, apples, cider donuts, apples, hay rides, and did we mention apples?

Thursday, October 8

3/4 Cooked

Here's a belly shot for those that have been patiently waiting to see the hugeness.... 10 more weeks to go!!

Wednesday, October 7

It only looks like a bed

On a rainy Wednesday morning it's so much more than that.... It's anything a 2 year old can imagine...

A place to eat pretend blue and brown lollipops
A racetrack for his cars
A boat to drive his friends in
A pillow bridge
A tent
A sandwich counter serving monkey food and milk
A place to pick blueberries
A trampoline
A whole slew of pillow luggage and "backcacks"
A house
And finally a car to take himself, Mickey, Minnie, and Mommy to Disney World
But first we all put our seat belts on
Look behind us to make sure there are no cars
Fill up the car with gas
Hear fire engines and pull over to let them go save people
Wave hi to Uncle Mike in his police car
And then WE'RE OFF!!
See you soon!

Tuesday, October 6

Let's Hear it For Some...

Jumpin' J is very proud to have a "Jersey" like Daddy's