Sunday, November 30

Stick Ups

I am proud to announce that Jumpin' J finally has enough HAIR to actually have STICK UPS!

Saturday, November 29

Papa Bear, Mama Bear, & Baby Bear

We went to take our first official family Christmas pictures today. It took a while but they came out great!!! We got an excellent one of the three of us and then one of J and I for Daddy's office and a couple of Daddy and J for the house! Here's a sneak peek at what you might see in December!!! IMG_1965
And here's J all tuckered out in the car on the way home from pictures, so beautiful!!! 1129081125a

Thanksgiving with Margaret

Thanks to TK, Louisa, and Margaret for having us over for Thanksgiving dinner!!! Jumpin' J loved getting to play with his big cousin and the food was awesome!
Notice how J and Margaret have the same color hair, red is the "in" color in our family!!!

Friday, November 28

Tissue Train

The Tissue Train came to visit!!!
"Chugga Chugga Choo Choo"
says the Tissue Train
as it puffs and steams its way around the house.

From the Laundry Room
Down the Hallway
Into the Living Room
And Back Again!

Yeah for the conductor of the Tissue Train!!!

Thursday, November 27

Happy Birthday Trouble #2

So our neighbor and one of Jumpin' J's best friends turned 3 on Thanksgiving. Yes, Turkey Day!! A very special Happy Birthday to her!! Here's a picture of T2 and J helping me make deviled eggs to take to our Thanksgiving feast.

Happy Turkey Day!


Wednesday, November 26

Tent of Covers

So much more fun than helping Mummy fold clothes!

Monday, November 24

Adventures in Cookie Making

Jumpin' J constantly wants to "see" when anyone is cooking so I thought it would be fun to attempt to make some cookies with him. The girls across the street couldn't be left out of course so the four of us made a giant mess had a blast and made a few delicious cookies to eat warm!!!

First you melt the butter and measure out the sugar...
Then you mix up all the ingredients in the bowl....
And finally you put the cookies in the oven and then try to cook a banana!

Chocolate chip cookies warm out of the oven are one of my favorite things. We made J a special batch with dried cranberries since he can't do dairy still I think he felt the same way about his cookies that we girls felt about ours! YUM!!!!

Saturday, November 22

Amusing Himself

No Shortage of Laughs at Our House!

Friday, November 21

Rare Sighting

A rare sighting of the Snuggle Bug that lives at our house, he only comes out in the dark..

Thursday, November 20

Technology Wizards

Two technology wizards hard at work! Wanna guess what J's gonna be when he grows up?

Wednesday, November 19

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Jumpin' J turns 1 1/2 years old today. I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. He's 28 pounds and 33 inches tall according to our fabulous Dr. DeAngelis! Here are some of his favorite things...
  • crackers
  • Little People
  • apes
  • the tubby
  • his toothbrush and toothpaste
  • books
  • trains
  • cars
  • balls
  • reading
  • Little Gym class
  • phones
  • Daddee
  • the school bus
  • big kids
  • his friends
  • roaring like a Dinosaur
And last but not least, his Mummee!

Just My Size

Mummy says "Jumpin' J, go put on shoes"
A few minutes later....

Happy Birthday Uncle Deano

Happy Birthday to Uncle Deano! We are lucky to have you as a friend and family!!!
Uncle Deano
This is Daddy, Big Brad, Uncle Deano, and Jumpin' J at the Xmas Eve party 2007!

Tuesday, November 18

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Happy Birthday to Jumpin' J's big cousin Jeff!! Hope you have a great day!!!
Jeff is very very nice and lets J climb all over him like monkey bars! That's a really great cousin!

Happy Birthday Auntie Laura

A very special Happy 30th Birthday to Auntie Laura!!!

Here's Laura and Jumpin' J when he was just born!
Laura and Baby James
And here's one a year later at his first birthday!
Laura J first birthday

Thank you for your friendship and thoughtfulness over the years! We are very lucky to have a great friend like you, Laura!!! We love you!!!!!

Thursday, November 13

Reward for Patience

On Tuesday Grandma Laurie, Jumpin' J, and I went to the Wrentham outlets to do a little shopping. I promised J that if he was good he could ride a car. He is quite content just sitting in it and driving, which saves me some change. Since he was such a good boy he got to ride on ALL of the cars as we walked back to our car, I think there were 20 of them... to highlight a few he rode a bull, a couple of race cars, a couple bulldozers, a digger, a helicopter, and even a hot dog truck! Here are a few pics!!!
And a little clip of the fun!!!

Wednesday, November 12

That Smile

Really now
I ask you
When the woman in Target
And the man in the carwash
And all of his other fans
Can't resist his smile,
How am I supposed to?

That wide, delicious, lovable, flirty, one-eyebrow- raised, contagious yet sometimes sticky and gooey smile!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11

Choo Choo to Target

The Target toy catalog came in the Sunday paper this week and Jumpin' J has been having a blast reading his new "book". He really likes the page with all the Thomas trains on it to "choo choo" at and the page with the big dino on it so he can roar!!! It's great to see the pure enjoyment he gets from just looking at the pictures!

Monday, November 10

Visiting with YiYee

Last week we went down to visit LP and her parents. Jumpin' J had a great time. He loved her trampoline....
And playing hide-n-seek...
He even let her dress him up in costume, see here...

He can't say her name but he sure does love her!!!

Monday, November 3


Jumpin' J just loves swimming! Could he possibly be the next Michael Phelps?

Sunday, November 2

Pot Pie and a Guy's Weekend

This weekend I went to NH to do some girls stuff and left Jumpin' J and Daddy home to hold down the fort. From all reports they had a great weekend together. And since J's favorite word these days is Dadee I'm sure he got to say it alot. They made chicken soup, went to gym class, played ball, played "Weee", cleaned the car, practiced with utensils, said cold and played in the freezer aisle in the grocery store and more. And when I went to upload the Halloween pictures I found that Jumpin' J apparently had Chicken Pot Pie this weekend! I don't think it gets much better than pot pie and a guy's weekend!

Twist and Dunk

Every red blooded American must learn how to properly twist and dunk their Oreo cookies. Thanks to Grandma Laurie Jumpin' J got a package of mini Oreos for Halloween! Here he is twisting and dunking just like his mommy taught him!

Saturday, November 1

Ticka Ticka

Jumpin' J was the best little dinosaur he knew how to be on Friday night.
He rode around the neighborhood in his wagon with a couple of his girlfriends.
He got out of the wagon at each house and got his pumpkin out and carried it to the door where he rang the "button" and said "ticka ticka" and got his prize! He would also roar when he wanted to so that some people really got to see how scary a dinosaur he was!

Little Gym Halloween Party

Jumpin' J got to go to the special Little Gym Halloween party where he got to play with all kinds of fun stuff!
He also saw some of his friends like Darcy and Andrew.
He really didn't want to leave and would have stayed all night if he had his choice!
He was happy with the really cool spider ring they gave him to take home! Spiders are very cool in our house these days.