Tuesday, January 27

Playing Pretend

Just recently I have noticed that J started "playing pretend".
Before he would play With things but he never pretended to Be anything.
But the lately he has been a helicopter and a train among other things.

Drumroll please
Presenting... J the train:

Monday, January 26


Can you wink with both eyes at the same time? J can!!

Sunday, January 25

Opinions Galore

Over the last three weeks or so it's like a word fountain has been turned on in Jumpin' J! It seems like he has a least 5 new words every day and he repeats everything that I say. Yesterday he said to me "No way" when I asked him if he wanted to get his diaper changed. And out comes "forward roll" when talking to Grandma Laurie on the phone last night. Other new ones are "Anru" (Uncle Andrew) and Kim, playground, pirate, Toby (a train), yogurt, hamburger, and
"pick up"(pick me up).

He also has started having opinions on things. Let me clarify that, he started having opinions on EVERYTHING! Food is a big choice in our house now. He wants raspberry yogurt not strawberry. Fishy crackers over cinnamon! The blue crayon instead of the yellow one. He wants to go to gym class or the playground but definitely does not want to have to sit in his car seat to get there.

And when you disagree on something he gets mad and the terrible two's make their appearance! It starts if you start to read him one book when he wanted you to read another! Watch out if he wants you to "come" with him and you're doing something else! The tears well up and he scrunches up his face which gets all red. If he can, he lays down on the floor or, if he can't lay down, he throws his head back and the wailing starts. I have to admit that it's all in all pretty funny if just a teeny tiny bit frustrating.

Saturday, January 24

Wild and Free

To be wild and free
Such a joy it be
The other day

Much to my dismay
He peed on the floor
Cleaning was a chore!


Friday, January 23

Hoops and Rolls

Jumpin' J is finally the big kid in his gym class! He started in his current class a year ago and was just sitting up! Now he's running all over! He loves "gym" especially the "hoops" and "singin" (swinging on the bar). Recently the kids were encouraged to start to try things on there own and J did a forward roll all by himself AND he walked on the balance beam alone (it has bars on the sides)! I was there to supervise but even his teacher was very impressed with his mad skills. Next week he starts at the bottom of the heap again in the next level class.
He's movin' on up
to the Beasts class!!!


Thursday, January 22

Polar Plunge?

Jumpin' J has been swimming all over the place lately. He just lays down on the floor and kicks his legs and wiggles forward. It's pretty funny to see. And it's even more funny when he does it in the tub naked after all the water has drained out. Brrr.....

Wednesday, January 21


They chase him for hugs in gym class, wave at him out the windows, and generally love him! Babes of all ages!! But Troubles #1 and #2 are the co-presidents of the Jumpin' J fan club!
He is one lucky guy!!

Tuesday, January 20

Peetsy with Yiyee

Stringing words is a relatively new concept in my little one's life. To string words means to start to make them into sentences for all you non-parents out there in blogging land ;) The latest two aren't exactly a full sentence but they impress me all the same... he says "Peetsy Yiyee"!
Last week we met up with Auntie Erika and YiYee for lunch so that we could exchange presents and get their car seat that fits in airplane seats. They were at Yiyee's Grandpa's house so we met them part of their way home and had pizza for lunch! So to translate "Peetsy Yiyee" is Jumpin' J's reminder to me that we had pizza with Yiyee for lunch the other day and is also usually a not so subtle clue that he would like to do that again soon! Since they are both social butterflies J's and Yiyee's schedule has to be carefully coordinated so that we can meet up! Hopefully we can work it out so that we can again soon!!!!

Historical Day

Happy Inauguration Day
Will you remember what you were doing on this historic day? I still remember what I was doing on September 11th when the planes crashed. And I'm sure if you're old enough to remember JFK's assassination you remember what you were doing that day too. Whether you like Obama or not, today is another one of those historic days in US history, when the first African American President gets sworn into office. Good luck to the new president!

Picture of Inauguration Day 1903 as W. Wilson gets sworn in. Library of Congress archives.

Monday, January 19

Squareheads Unite

No, not Spongebob Squarepants, SQUAREHEADS! That's what my Grandpa K, Pops to J, calls us Norwegians! J is lucky enough to be Norwegian on both of his paternal sides so he is a Super Duper Squarehead!


Jumpin' J and I leave for Florida tomorrow. Tonight we get to sleep over Uncle "Anru" and Auntie Kim's house since Anru is driving us to the airport in the morning! What a great brother I have!!!!!!

J's dad is going to meet us down there. While in Florida we're going to be staying with Grandpa and Grandpa J, some fellow Squareheads, as well as the above mentioned Pops and his girlfriend Arlene! It should be a blast and we are really excited. Hopefully it'll be warm enough for swimming outside because I bought J a cool Red Sox bathing suit!!!

Don't despair loyal readers I've set up some blogs to post while we're gone! Have a great week everyone and we'll have lots to write about when we get home!!!

Sunday, January 18

Still Riley's Birthday

It has become a new ritual at our house to sing Happy Birthday. J tells me who's birthday it is and I sing the song while he dances. We usually sing to Grandma, Daddy, Mommy, James, Thomas (the train), and Goldbug. Goldbug is the little bug hidden on every page of his Cars, Trucks, and Things that Go book. Then he sings Happy Birthday to Riley, always Riley and only Riley! I think Riley is looking pretty good for having had about 100 years birthdays, don't you think?

Riley's First Birthday Jan 03 09

Here are the words to J's version of Happy Birthday. They must be sung while rocking side to side!

Happy Day
Happy Day
To You
Happy Day

or something to that extent! Happy Birthday AGAIN, Riley!!

Playtown's Huge Weeeeee

Hmmm.... rereading that title it sounds slightly questionable but I promise it's not!

On Wednesday we met a group of WMMs at one of the local indoor playgrounds. Playtown is just a few minutes from our house and J's dad got us a special pass for Christmas so both J and I were so excited to check it out.
It was awesome!!!!!!!!!
There were all kinds of things to do!

The best part for me was that it was almost completely "parent-proof" too so I could play with him on things. I always loved those bouncy houses!
Of course, for J the best part was the Humongous Weeee (Slide)!!!! We went down together once and it was fun. When we got to the top again J's friend, Lightening, was too scared to go down alone so I sent J down alone and took Lightening with me. J liked going down by himself so much better than with Mommy, independent little man that he is. So next thing I know he's bravely climbing the ladder ALONE. Yes, I did have a heart attack when I saw it! But he was totally fine!!!! His smile was priceless!!!!

And off he went with Babydoll and Gordon. I lost count of the number of times they went up and down that huge weeee!

He would have done it all day long if I hadn't made him leave for lunch and a nap. Next time we'll plan to go when they first open and bring a lunch so he can stay and play 'til he's falling asleep on his feet! And I promise to bring my camera next time because all the action shots are totally blurry from my phone camera!

Saturday, January 17

Happy Belated to Pops and Auntie Kim

Between working on Daddy's secret project, getting geared up for our trip, and activities to do, I have slacked off in the Birthday department this week. To rectify that:

Happy Birthday Pops
Happy 30th Birthday Auntie Kim

Here's a sneak preview of your birthday presents!!!

Friday, January 16

Miracles Do Happen

What a Wonderful World
This Can Be!!

A few months ago I wrote a blog about a wonderful blogging mom, Nie, who was in an airplane crash. Her family and friends have been raising money to help out with Nie and her husband's medical expenses. And her sister Courtney, along with others I'm sure, have been keeping her blog alive as well as posting updates for all those wondering minds like mine. It has been a miracle to me to see the outpouring of love and support this awesome and deserving family has received and continues to receive! It reminds me that there really is good in this sometimes crappy world.

Nie was back at the computer today to write her first blog to all of her old faithful followers as well as many new friends! And while her physical appearance may be different her spirit remains the same!

May all the sunshine
in the universe
continue to shine down
on Nie and her family
as they recover together!!!!

Mini Daddy

It's really funny to see the mannerisms that J picks up from his dad and I. He says "nope" just like me and I catch him making "daddy" faces or "mommy" faces all the time. Daddy tries to get home as much as he can to read J a bedtime story. And when he does they sit in the rocking chair and Daddy puts his feet up on the bed and crosses his ankles. The other night I went in to kiss J good night and noticed that his ankles were crossed just like Mini Daddy. And now he keeps doing it and it's so cute because it is so deliberate. He'll sit down and get comfy and then cross his ankles. Here's him in the car!

Thursday, January 15


Jumpin' J loves all of his new toys but Thomas pretty much takes the cake!

Wednesday, January 14

Mike Mike Mike

So we recently had lunch with Auntie Erika and Yiyee which was a blast for all four of us. And on the way home Jumpin' J was getting fussy so I dug around and came up with the NYPD police car that we had picked up for J on our Anniversary. He was happily playing with it when I decided to tell him that Yiyee's Daddy aka Uncle Mike drives police cars. I could almost hear his little mind whirling in the back seat! So then the next day he again plays with the police car and announces "Mike" which I obediently agree that "Yes, Uncle Mike drives a police car". That just started the Mike Fountain as I now call it. Apparently Uncle Mike drives any type of car with a siren so any time we see an ambulance, fire truck, or police car he shouts out "Mike, Mike, Mike". It's so cute that I don't have the heart to tell him that Uncle Mike doesn't actually drive ALL of them so I just agree! There's a fitting tribute to Uncle Mike our favorite policeman!!!

Remotes and Phones

Just think... Jumpin' J and his entire generation will never know what it is to have to get up to change the channel on the TV and they'll always be connected to the world through their cell phones. I remember when my dad brought our Atari home for the first time and we could play PacMan and now look at the capabilities of the Wii or PS3. And computers, wow!!! I could go on and on but I think J fully appreciates the remote control, especially one with Elmo and Cookie and the Grouch on it!

Tuesday, January 13

Vote Today

OK so I admit that I did my civil duty and voted for President. Now you can do some service yourself and go vote for one of my favorite blogs CJane Enjoy It! She is up for a Weblog Award and totally deserves to win. Her blog is informative and uplifting with just the right hint of sarcasm to show she's a spitfire!!! I love it!

So if you're reading this on January 13th then please go to the Weblog Awards and vote for CJane!!!!

Jumpin' J the Conductor

This week we had a WMM group over to play with Jumpin' J's new train set. And he conducted from his firetruck!
Among the attendees were Lightening and Babydoll along with Lightening's big brother, Gordon (the biggest train), and a new friend, Handsome Rob.
And a special Happy Second Birthday to Babydoll!!!! Don't you love her funny faces?? ;)

Monday, January 12

Ahoy Matey

Pirates say Shiver Me Timbers and Ahoy Matey and Arrrrgh! J can do them all and LOVES his new pirate ship that "Becca" and her family gave to him for Christmas!
It has more buttons and cool nooks to look at, J can make them drink from the cup or go night night! And the ship has a monkey and parrot to keep the pirates company! So awesome!

Sunday, January 11

The Presher Girls

We finally got to meet the newest addition to the Presher family who made her arrival over a month early in order to meet Santa this year! She is a blonde version of her older sister! We are so glad the everyone is OK and must say that Mackenzie looks awesome!!!
J and E examine her new fairy doll!!
Hi new baby C!!!

Saturday, January 10

Happy Birthday Riley

We went to a first birthday party last weekend for Riley. Riley's mom is one of my oldest friends, almost 25 years!!! We had a great time at the party which you can see more about on Riley's blog and Jumpin' J now loves to sing Happy Birthday. But he thinks the song is specifically for Riley so he always sings it to her. It goes something like Happy Day! Happy Day! Happy Day Riley To You! I guess it's better to hear live!

Monday, January 5

All Home Sick

So Jumpin' J has another ear infection and his dad has a cold and I'm getting over a cold so we're all home sick today. I was feeling bad for us until I saw this little picture on a friend's webpage.... now this is a bad day!!!
Bad Day