Monday, March 31

Hanging with the Chi O Babes

Jumpin' J is such a lucky little guy!!! Yesterday he went with his mom to the annual Chi Omega Founder's Day luncheon. He was one of only three guys there (the other two were a waiter and an old guy) so he was in his prime. He got to meet a whole bunch of his mom's friends from college. Many of them seem to be still as crazy as they were back then. He also got to meet a whole bunch of the active Chi O's of which there are now over 100. He got invited to come back to the house to live. So many babes, so little time! J's mom couldn't believe that there were girls there that were born in 1989, it made her feel really old!
This is Jasmine! She's the bomb! She is one of the remaining branches of Jumpin' J's mom's Chi O family. Jumpin' J's mom's direct line died out within the house so we have to live on through her extended family. It was great getting to reminisce about some of the crazy times!And this is Tanya with Jumpin' J. She is Jumpin' J's mom's adopted little sister. She's totally the biggest sweetheart in the world! She's pretty crazy sometimes but she's always fun!
And here's Jumpin' J talking with Denise and Tobi. Jumpin' J's mom had some great times with both of them. Tobi and J's mom had an adventure at UNH together and lived together for a while. And Denise and J's mom had many many adventures together at Roger Williams and in Newport!

There were lots of other friend's of Jumpin' J's mom there too, Kelly, Kim, Jill, Tristan, and Amanda. She wishes she could see her Chi O friends more. She is thinking of getting more involved with the house now that she is staying home with Jumpin' J.

Saturday, March 29

Gym Class

Gym class is by far the highlight of Jumpin' J's week every week. And the best part is that because it's on a Saturday this session he gets to do it with Daddy as well as Mommy.

Little Gym was recommended by LP's Mom and our friend Taylor. So we thought we'd check it out and man it was a hit.

Jumpin' J loves to climb and jump and hang from the bars. Most of the other kids in class are all walking already so it's inspiring J. He has made lots of little friends in class.

We already signed him up for the summer session so between that and swim class he should be a busy little munchkin this summer.

Friday, March 28

I Don't Like Bland Food

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Jumpin' J does not like bland food. He fights eating peas and green beans (baby food or the real version) but if you put spices on them he can't get them in fast enough. He scarfed down the pasta with fra diavlo (really spicey) sauce when he managed to get a few bites off his mom's plate. I guess it should come as no suprise since his mom and dad love spicey food but Jumpin' J's only 10 months old....

Jumpin' J's dad is on a business trip to Minnesota so Jumpin' J and his mom went to visit Grandma Laurie for a couple of days. Last night Grandma Laurie took Jumpin' J and his mom to Bertucci's for dinner. Plain pasta was ordered for Jumpin' J.

He ate a little of it but was generally uninterested in it. Fortunately we were seated in a high traffic area so there was plenty to see.

Then he spent a bunch of time chatting up the couple at the table next to ours. The man kept tipping his head and Jumpin' J copied him and then they would both laugh. Generally a fun game and very amusing for a while. But then Jumpin' J spotted food he wanted. It was his mom's soup. He complained until she gave him a taste.
And wouldn't you know he LOVED it. He ate all of his mom's soup, all of it. She had ordered another appetizer too so she didn't starve but he was a crazy soup fiend! I guess the next time Jumpin' J just gets soup from the start, no messing around with plain boring pasta.

Thursday, March 27

Geez o' Petes

Petesy is Jumpin' J's nickname. When he would get into all the things he wasn't supposed to I would say Geez o' Petes which became "J" o Petes. I think it's his natural tendency to try to do everything that I would prefer he not do. And "J" o Petes got shortened to Petes very quickly since I seemed to be saying it frequently. And then it became Petesy or Petesy Weetsy.

It now applies to all of his silly looks and actions as well. He has this super funny face that he makes by sucking his lower lip in and he then makes puffing noises to go with it. And when he makes himself laugh by tipping sideways. He really is such a good natured kid, he loves to laugh! I think it's the first time in my life that I've been so funny.

I'm sure that one day he'll roll his eyes when I call him that. I know I sometimes still do when my mom continues to call me Susie Q at almost 30. But for now it's sticking. And heck, he responds to it which makes it even funnier in my opinion. So here are some recent Petesy moments:

The Joys of Teething

I was just starting to worry that Jumpin' J was going to be toothless forever when suddenly I saw the first one, the bottom right one. And then it was like all his little teeth wanted to be seen. He got two this week, the other bottom one and one of the tops. And it looks like the other three front top ones will be coming in soon.

The drool factor really has been upped by about 100 times. For the first time in his little life Jumpin' J's shirts are soaked with it. It's pretty funny because all of his toys and the floor and his books and everything have puddles on them. Maybe it's just a mom thing but I think they're so cute.

Wednesday, March 26

Climbing! Climbing! Everywhere!

Jumpin' J has been a little jumping bean from the time he was born. Actually he kicked his mom in the ribs before he was born so maybe he was jumping even in the womb. But lately he has added climbing to his list of things he likes to do. And he does it all the time now!

Jumpin' J found the stairs a couple of weeks ago and was up on the fourth step before his mom could get to him! She almost had a heart attack. So now there's a gate!

And climbing in the fridge is so much fun that Jumpin' J does it every time the fridge is opened. You wouldn't believe how fast he can crawl when he hears it open. The other night he even crawled in when J's dad was trying to get him ready for a bath so he only had his diaper on, it was a funny sight indeed!

Red Sox Opening Day

The Red Sox played the Oakland A's in Japan this morning for their season opener. Jumpin' J and his dad got up early to catch some of the game together before J's dad had to go to work.

Jumpin' J wore his Samurai Spirit Japan shirt and his Red Sox hat to show his support. It must have worked because the Red Sox won in extra innings!!

Finally Blogging

Two of my best friends are soooo good about keeping up with their blogs. I created this blog months ago but have been too busy and maybe too lazy to actually do something about it. But I realized today that I really look forward to reading my friends' blogs since I don't get to see them much and it keeps me up to date with the little fun things in their lives.