Sunday, August 9

Sunday: Wolves and a Lion Hunt

We started Sunday with a giant buffet breakfast in the hotel and then J was still sleepy so he took a nap while Daddy relaxed and I went to pick up a few things for snacks and breakfasts for the rest of the week.
IMG_4678 cropped
When we all reconvened we headed to Lititz to the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania. We got to see a huge pack of gray wolves, a smaller pack of grays, a pack of 4 timber wolves, a couple of lone males sharing space, and one gorgeous arctic tundra wolf. They fed all the wolves while we were there and we got to learn a ton about wolves in general and this sanctuary in particular. J loved seeing them but he was just as fascinated with the little black kitty that kept coming around the group hoping for snacks.
After seeing the wolves we decided to go on a "lion hunt" to see what we could find around the area. It was really exciting to see our first buggy as well as a church letting out, some Mennonite girls playing volleyball, and Mennonite boys playing softball.
The Mennonite lifestyle is similar to the Amish one but they tend to be more permitting of things such as patterned fabric, bicycles, and sometimes even cars.
We were a little disappointed to find out that almost everything, including non-Amish attractions, are closed on Sunday but did find a little petting zoo and playground that entertained J for quite a while.
The playground behind us we headed back to the hotel for a nap. Then we went to Plain and Fancy Farm for dinner where we had our first taste of shoo fly pie along with some great fried chicken, mashed potatoes, local corn on the cob, raisin bread with icing, and a ton of other food. It was a fun dinner as it is served family style and we got to sit with a family of three from Germany and a mom, grandma, and two boys from just north of NYC. The conversation was lively and ranged from energy utilities to Harry Potter.
We got back to the hotel long past J's bedtime and all fell asleep immediately... until tomorrow!

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