Wednesday, September 2

Pickles and a Concert

Yesterday my brother and I took our mom, aka Grandma Laurie, to a Chicago concert for her birthday! Since J's dad is on a business trip J got to tag along, well for dinner anyway...
Then J stayed at Miss Laura's house (one of Grandma's friends) while we went to the concert! I hadn't realized that Grandma saw them in the 70's too so it was like a flashback for her. And since Uncle Andrew and I were almost the only people there under 50 it seemed like there might be some serious flashing back going on. But it was great! They played a little of their really early stuff for Uncle Andrew, some of their 80's stuff for me, and all of their great 70's stuff for all of us! Did you know that Chicago has the second highest number of albums after the Beach Boys, guess we were raised on the classics!!! Happy Birthday Grandma!!

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