Wednesday, December 17

Great Train Escape

OK so they didn't actually escape but I think Jumpin' J would have gone to live there if he could. Last weekend J, his dad, and I went to the New England Model Train show and it was AWESOME! J sat on Santa's lap which he wasn't so psyched about but was totally stoked when Santa gave him a present. Then as soon as that was over he was OFF and RUNNING dragging his dad behind him!
He had seen a Thomas set from the door and made a beeline.
Then off again! Com'on Daddy, let's go!!!!
We went from table to display and back again! There were so many trains and things to do; it was truly one of the most fun days we've all had this fall!
We didn't leave 'til the thumb came out and it was time for a nap! We're already planning to go to the Worcester show in February and we'll go back to this one again next fall!!!

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