Wednesday, April 15

Fixin' Rocks

The weather is getting nice enough for J and I to play outside most days. We got back from the mailboxes and the landscapers had edged the walkways. J was very excited to realize that part of that process involved turning up the earth and therefore pulling many many rocks to the top! He started searching for them, he found BIG rocks and little rocks and teeny tiny rocks and each one was like a treasured jewel!!!!
Like the good mother that I try to be I asked him if he wanted me to help him build a tower with the rocks but he said "No Mama, fixin rocks". OK I didn't know what fixing them was but he had it all under control obviously so I went back to reading the mail. I look over a couple of minutes later and saw this...
Yes, he had lined them all up in a straight line. And as he found more rocks he added them to his line. He was very precise about where each one went. We may have another engineer on our hands ;)!

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