Thursday, April 16

Mail, Cards, and a ... Bulldozer?

It's always a great adventure to get mail at our house. It is an especially great day when J gets mail. Last week J got two cards in one day and it was AWESOME!!! One had an Easter Bunny on it from "Sandi" and the other had a Bulldozer carrying an "essa egg" on it from Grandpa Gary and Donna. The one from Grandpa also had a "credit card" gift certificate which J was super duper excited about.
We went to AC Moore on Saturday with our coupon and J's "credit card" and he got to pick out a Thomas train for his collection. I called it and was right!!! He picked Byron the bulldozer to take home with him. He even carried the bulldozer, coupon, and credit card to the cashier all by himself and paid too. It was so cute and the cashier was definitely in love ;)

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Lilypad Mom said...

They learn much too early how to use money (or credit/debit cards) to buy things. LP wants to sign the machines now.