Thursday, October 15

Puffy Stickers

Grandma P is a self proclaimed collector and now that she and Grandpa are going to be selling their big house and moving to something easier to manage she's been cleaning out her closets and we've gotten all of Daddy's collections. One of these collections is of stickers, especially those 80's classics the PUFFY STICKER!!!

Today Jumpin' J discovered them and we had a blast playing with the race car ones! He decided that our bed had the best race track and we raced them all around for the better part of the afternoon. I am sorry to say that they are no longer sticky but they were great little race cars.

He shared with his baby...
And with Mommy...
And had some to race himself...
As well as some to decorate his arm, the bed, and Bethie (the doll). All in all a great adventure!

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