Wednesday, October 7

It only looks like a bed

On a rainy Wednesday morning it's so much more than that.... It's anything a 2 year old can imagine...

A place to eat pretend blue and brown lollipops
A racetrack for his cars
A boat to drive his friends in
A pillow bridge
A tent
A sandwich counter serving monkey food and milk
A place to pick blueberries
A trampoline
A whole slew of pillow luggage and "backcacks"
A house
And finally a car to take himself, Mickey, Minnie, and Mommy to Disney World
But first we all put our seat belts on
Look behind us to make sure there are no cars
Fill up the car with gas
Hear fire engines and pull over to let them go save people
Wave hi to Uncle Mike in his police car
And then WE'RE OFF!!
See you soon!

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