Tuesday, August 26

On Saturday Jumpin' J and I met up with Auntie Laura to go to the Big Bugs exhibition at Garden in the Woods. I didn't really know what to expect but since J loves bugs I thought it was a good idea. Plus it was Butterfly weekend there and J LOVES "buhdaf"!!

The bugs were all gigantic and made out of wood. I think they were actually so big that for the most part J didn't get that they were bugs. He did however recognize the butterfly and was absolutely in love.


They had kids learning centers set up in a couple of places. At one they were giving out butterfly temporary tattoos. J picked out the one he wanted and we put it on his leg. He looks at it all the time.


And at another they had butterflies at all the stages from itty bitty caterpillars to chrysalises about to open. Jumpin' J loved the "cataps" and wanted to touch all of them. He just missed grabbing this one, ooops.


After the butterfly statue we saw a dragonfly, praying mantis, three ants, a bee, and more. And we wrapped up at the Itsy Bitsy Spider which J also thought was great. He started doing the hand motions to the song and it was really cute.


All in all it was a wonderful afternoon! We had so much fun!!!

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Lilypad Mom said...

What a great place. LP would have loved that, I can just imagine how excited J was knowing how he loves bugs.