Friday, August 22

Sooo Big

Last night we were reading a book with Big Bird and Elmo in it and every time he saw Elmo he raised his arms. For his birthday Auntie Donna bought J an Elmo book called So Big and he connected that Elmo with the one we were reading about. It amazes me to see the connections he is making!

Sometimes in the AM I have to do some work on the computer. Jumpin' J loves to read his books and I can hear him perfectly so I can work for a little while and he just plays in his room and occasionally brings me a book to read him. This morning he was a little quiet so I went to check on him and this is what I found....


He had climbed up into Grandma Susie's rocking chair and was reading his favorite book, Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. When I went in he promptly showed me Goldbug, the little bug hidden on every page of the book. What a big boy!!

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