Monday, September 8

Cape Weekend


The Three P's went down to the Cape this weekend so I could work at a Dot Your i's Event. J's dad took Friday off so we could go down in the morning and get some beach time in before I had to work that night. And then after work we went to Spanky's Clam Shack where I had the Lobster Salad that was AMAZING!!!

Saturday Jumpin' J and his dad got to hang out all day while I played. They had a blast and I am trying to convince J's dad to write about it! Post a comment here if you want to hear about it so we can all work on him!!!

On Sunday I had a little more work to do then we went to the Harwich Cranberry Festival's parade. This was perfect for Jumpin' J because it wasn't too long and there were lots and lots of firetrucks to see. After the parade we popped over to the beach for just a little bit but didn't stay long because the storm on Saturday had washed so much seaweed up that you couldn't swim. It was a great weekend!!!

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