Friday, September 26

Visiting the Johnsons

With my dad's family spread all around the country it takes a wedding to get us all in one place. Since tomorrow is my youngest cousin, Chris's, wedding my dad, his wife, and my grandparents are all in town for a few days. So this morning we met up with Dad, Donna, Aunt Sandi, Jim, and Grandma and Grandpa Johnson for breakfast. Jumpin' J was his usual charming self. And then after most of the gang had to leave to help with wedding stuff J and Grandpa Gary went swimming at the hotel.
They played with the giant ball that was in the pool.
And then they read a book before we had to leave so J could take a nap.
Grandpa Gary and Donna also let him play with the buttons on their phone, tv, and remote so J had an awesome time!

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Lilypad Mom said...

Looks like a fun morning for J!