Wednesday, September 24

It's Great to be a Mom

Every day is a special day now that I am a mom. These days the feeling just keeps getting stronger. It amazes me that I am lucky enough to be Jumpin' J's mom. I look at him and he is such a little person now with his own thoughts and ideas. Here are some of the things that warm my heart!

* His smile first thing in the morning
* Climbing in my lap with a book for me to read
* Feeling his little arms on my leg to give me a hug
* Hugging my arm with his thumb in his mouth
* Snuggling in my lap
* Seeing him sitting in my grandma's rocking chair reading a book that's bigger than he is
* Watching him drive trucks all over both of us, especially when he drives it on his own head
* His laugh
* Saying something silly, like Snuffleupagus, and watching him giggle
* Climbing onto my tummy to jump up and down on it
* His proud and amazed face when he does something new
* His little giggle when he's "hiding" from me
* How he likes to climb under my legs
* His little voice
* His loud voice
* How he loves bugs
* His look of concentration when examining things
* Always saying "cracker" if you ask him what he wants to eat
* When he gets tired and puts his thumb in his mouth
* Opening his mouth wide to plant a big slobbery kiss
* Watching his face light up when his Daddy gets home from work
* Turning into limp spaghetti when I try to pick him up when he doesn't want me to
* His face turns so red when he gets mad
* Having him come "get" me and pick him up and watch him laugh
* Watching him run on his sturdy little legs
* How he recognizes the Red Sox and Patriots symbols and puts his hands up to wait for you to say "Yeah Red Sox" or "Touchdown Patriots"
* When you ask him what a kitty says he just squinches up his whole face
* How he sees things he recognizes and reacts and then I have to figure out where he saw them
* How every day is a new and exciting adventure

All this and more is why I love being Jumpin' J's mom. I am one lucky lady!!

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