Monday, March 31

Hanging with the Chi O Babes

Jumpin' J is such a lucky little guy!!! Yesterday he went with his mom to the annual Chi Omega Founder's Day luncheon. He was one of only three guys there (the other two were a waiter and an old guy) so he was in his prime. He got to meet a whole bunch of his mom's friends from college. Many of them seem to be still as crazy as they were back then. He also got to meet a whole bunch of the active Chi O's of which there are now over 100. He got invited to come back to the house to live. So many babes, so little time! J's mom couldn't believe that there were girls there that were born in 1989, it made her feel really old!
This is Jasmine! She's the bomb! She is one of the remaining branches of Jumpin' J's mom's Chi O family. Jumpin' J's mom's direct line died out within the house so we have to live on through her extended family. It was great getting to reminisce about some of the crazy times!And this is Tanya with Jumpin' J. She is Jumpin' J's mom's adopted little sister. She's totally the biggest sweetheart in the world! She's pretty crazy sometimes but she's always fun!
And here's Jumpin' J talking with Denise and Tobi. Jumpin' J's mom had some great times with both of them. Tobi and J's mom had an adventure at UNH together and lived together for a while. And Denise and J's mom had many many adventures together at Roger Williams and in Newport!

There were lots of other friend's of Jumpin' J's mom there too, Kelly, Kim, Jill, Tristan, and Amanda. She wishes she could see her Chi O friends more. She is thinking of getting more involved with the house now that she is staying home with Jumpin' J.

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