Thursday, March 27

The Joys of Teething

I was just starting to worry that Jumpin' J was going to be toothless forever when suddenly I saw the first one, the bottom right one. And then it was like all his little teeth wanted to be seen. He got two this week, the other bottom one and one of the tops. And it looks like the other three front top ones will be coming in soon.

The drool factor really has been upped by about 100 times. For the first time in his little life Jumpin' J's shirts are soaked with it. It's pretty funny because all of his toys and the floor and his books and everything have puddles on them. Maybe it's just a mom thing but I think they're so cute.

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Lily Pad Mom said...

I hope the teeth aren't bothering him too much. They look so cute when that first tooth or two comes in.