Friday, March 28

I Don't Like Bland Food

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Jumpin' J does not like bland food. He fights eating peas and green beans (baby food or the real version) but if you put spices on them he can't get them in fast enough. He scarfed down the pasta with fra diavlo (really spicey) sauce when he managed to get a few bites off his mom's plate. I guess it should come as no suprise since his mom and dad love spicey food but Jumpin' J's only 10 months old....

Jumpin' J's dad is on a business trip to Minnesota so Jumpin' J and his mom went to visit Grandma Laurie for a couple of days. Last night Grandma Laurie took Jumpin' J and his mom to Bertucci's for dinner. Plain pasta was ordered for Jumpin' J.

He ate a little of it but was generally uninterested in it. Fortunately we were seated in a high traffic area so there was plenty to see.

Then he spent a bunch of time chatting up the couple at the table next to ours. The man kept tipping his head and Jumpin' J copied him and then they would both laugh. Generally a fun game and very amusing for a while. But then Jumpin' J spotted food he wanted. It was his mom's soup. He complained until she gave him a taste.
And wouldn't you know he LOVED it. He ate all of his mom's soup, all of it. She had ordered another appetizer too so she didn't starve but he was a crazy soup fiend! I guess the next time Jumpin' J just gets soup from the start, no messing around with plain boring pasta.

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