Wednesday, March 26

Climbing! Climbing! Everywhere!

Jumpin' J has been a little jumping bean from the time he was born. Actually he kicked his mom in the ribs before he was born so maybe he was jumping even in the womb. But lately he has added climbing to his list of things he likes to do. And he does it all the time now!

Jumpin' J found the stairs a couple of weeks ago and was up on the fourth step before his mom could get to him! She almost had a heart attack. So now there's a gate!

And climbing in the fridge is so much fun that Jumpin' J does it every time the fridge is opened. You wouldn't believe how fast he can crawl when he hears it open. The other night he even crawled in when J's dad was trying to get him ready for a bath so he only had his diaper on, it was a funny sight indeed!

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Lily Pad Mom said...

He looks so funny in the fridge, like he's turning around to tell what what's in there and ask what you want.