Wednesday, October 15

Birthdays...Footprints...and Asparagus?

We started today with a bunch of the girls from the Worcester Mamas & Munchkins group that we met on This was the first Wednesday meet-up that they have every week from October to April at a local church. We did a craft, ate snacks, and got to play. The craft today involved handprints and footprints and J's foot is still blue which he keeps showing off to me, too funny! Jumpin' J took off from the moment we walked in the door and didn't look back. He is definitely an independent little man!

J's favorite book for today is "Happy Birthday Thomas" about Thomas the Train's birthday party. I think I've read it to him about a dozen times in the past two days. As we read it after his nap this afternoon he said quite distinctly "Birthday" and then repeated it all evening including to his Daddy on the phone while in the tub! It's amazing the words he picks up.

And asparagus comes into my day in the form of a can of asparagus spears that was in the pantry closet and came avalanching down onto the top of my foot just before we were going to go on a walk this evening with our neighbor Joy and her niece. I just wanted to mention it because MAN did that hurt!!!

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