Wednesday, October 22

Who Says Fashion Doesn't Recycle

Yesterday Jumpin' J and I took the opportunity to go get his Halloween pictures taken. I won't ruin the surprise of what he's going to be, you'll have to come back next week to see.... But to tide you over in the meantime we also took a few pictures of J in his Daddy's old wrestling outfit. It was a little big but considering that his dad wore it in MIDDLE SCHOOL you can imagine how it is supposed to fit, I'll leave that to your imagination ;) I think I'll have to take pics in it every year to do a comparison! :) :)

Here is the requisite full length shot....
James Wrestling Singlet - Oct 08
And here he is "talking to Daddy" on the phone!!
James W. Singlet & Phone - Oct 08

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Lilypad Mom said...

Ok, I don't want to imagine what J's dad looked like in that. But it is very cute on J right now!