Thursday, October 23

Playing Schoolbus

We live across from the bus stop in our neighborhood and Jumpin' J is a very popular attraction to all the big kids. And he just adores all of them!!! Any time we hear kids outside at the bus stop it is a great excuse to throw on shoes and now coats to rush outside to play. I'm searching for a great pair of boots for this winter because I know that J's love for the kids and the bus will not be deterred by snow nor sleet nor hail!
This morning we played school bus with his little people. My job was to line up the kids and the parents at the bus stop and then J put the kids in to go to school.
He even made sure to put the girl in the wheelchair in her spot in the back of the bus! And when the girl fell out of her wheelchair I got to be a hero by putting her back in.
It's great to be a mom!!!!

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