Sunday, October 12

Purgatory.... Chasm That Is!

It was such a gorgeous day here on Saturday. The kind of day in the fall in New England where you HAVE to be outside because the weather is just so perfect. We spent the morning at the playground and decided to try hiking Purgatory Chasm in the afternoon.
We put Jumpin' J in his backpack carrier, Sean put it on, and we were off. The Chasm is gorgeous with all the natural rocks and woods. There were tons of families there; out enjoying a fantastic fall weekend. It was a blast!
We had someone take a picture of us but I actually like our self portrait better. And since Sean and I have always done that I thought it would be better to share!
After the hike J got to enjoy the wonders of the new Purgatory playground which includes two high twisty slides!!!

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