Tuesday, April 1

I Haven't Met a Food I Didn't Like & A Pee Story

What with the rain over the past two days both Jumpin' J and his mom are really starting to go a little stir crazy. J's mom decided to let him try black beans at dinner tonight. They were a hit. J pretty much likes all food that has some taste too it. He's even gobbling up the peas now as long as there's a little seasoned salt on it. Same with potatoes and Mrs. Dash. But of course J's mom forgot a bib so the whole front of his shirt is black and sticky but that's what Zout is for. This pic is of the second bunch of beans because he finished the first so fas t there wasn't even time for a picture.After months of trying to get Jumpin' J to drink from a cup because he never liked the bottle he suddenly LOVES his cup. He can even drink one handed if there isn't much juice in it. Right now he's drinking organic blueberry juice (well it's really mostly water with a splash of juice but don't tell him) because he can't have milk. He is so proud of himself when he drinks! Tubby time is one of Jumpin' J's favorite times of the day. He gets soooo excited when he sees the water running in the tub. And lately he gets naked in his bedroom and then follows his mom into the bathroom where she puts him in the tub. Tonight however he decided to take a pitt stop along the way to the bathroom, or rather a pee stop. Yup, he was following his mom but when she got into the bathroom he didn't come and when she took a peek into the bedroom he was standing up at his crib. She went to pick him up to bring him to the tubby and discovered that there was pee all over the floor and the bed skirt. And not a little pee but like a full bladder pee. Yuck yuck yuck!!! Jumpin' J just grinned and squirmed to get in the tub. Ah such is the life of Jumpin' J's mom!!!

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