Monday, July 21

Blueberry Picking

After tasting some of the blueberries Auntie Donna picked for us the other day J's dad really wanted to go blueberry picking. Jumpin' J and his dad are both HUGE blueberry lovers so it sounded like a good idea. So yesterday we went in the afternoon to Nourse Farm in nearby Westborough to pick our hearts out.


J picked some blueberries all by himself. And he loves putting things into buckets so he was a big help that if you handed him a blueberry he would put it into the bucket. Unless it looked good and then he popped it into his mouth. I think that Jumpin' J and his dad ate more blueberries than they picked. We all had a great time and picked about 9 lbs. of blueberries. We would definitely do it again.


Then last night I made Grandma Susie's blueberry cake recipe and it came out excellent. I replaced the butter with Smart Balance Light and milk with rice milk so it would be something Jumpin' J could eat too. And it was a hit when I gave it to him today.


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