Sunday, July 6

Trip to the Ocean

Jumpin J', J's dad, and I went to visit the LilyPad Family at Pop Steve's beach house on Tuesday night. It was a great time, so great that we forgot the camera most of the time!

J with his dad before we went out to dinner on Thursday night.

And here is J at dinner, what a big boy! I love this picture!!!


Unfortunately J's dad got sick so he wasn't able to go to the beach with us on Thursday but here are a few pictures at the beach!

"Beached Whale"

Crossing the Desert

What is this Stuff Mommy?

Diggin' with LP

Swimming with Mommy

LP Blowing Bubbles


Our time at the beach was super fun despite the incident where I dropped the coffee pot and broke it, Sorry!!! Jumpin' J loved the beach and the park and generally just hanging out with LP, whom he thinks is just the coolest big girl he's ever met. Thanks to the LilyPad Family and Pop Steve for letting us come visit!!

I'll try to post about the Red Sox-Yankees game tonight or tomorrow!

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TravelSpark said...

I think that pic of J at dinner is my favorite one yet. He's such a big boy now and it's getting easier and easier to imagine what he'll look like when he's even bigger!