Saturday, July 26

Mixed Tapes

This is a repost from my MySpace page but I just had to share here too!!

With all the rain this week I've been busting out old music to put on for Jumpin' J to experience. And in my mix of CDs are a few old MIXED TAPES. I know you all remember them. You made them for friends, for boy/girlfriends, for presents, or just because. They were the way to remember what you were doing at that time.

I found some from the early 90s and some from the late 90s and thought I'd share some of the highlights. I would like to thank Katy, Denise, Fruitcake, Hilary (who I lost touch with years ago), Chris (boyfriend from high school) and Jon Wilson (boyfriend from middle school) for these blasts from the past. Please excuse me if some of the titles aren't just right, the tape cases are long gone.

Jonathan's Sin City Sex Mix - Probably from 89-90
So. Central Rain
Immigrant Song
Stand - REM
Three Days
No Myth
It's the End of the World As We Know It
Brave New World

Christmas '91 from Hilary
Anything for You
Rock Wit'cha
From a Distance
I Wanna Sex You Up

Camp Mix - '92 (these were all taped off the radio!!)
Under the Bridge
Baby Got Back
Warm it Up - Kriss Kross
Choice is Yours - Black Sheep

Summer Mix '93 from Katy
Women & Men
Particle Man
Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
Crockodial Rock
Jack & Diane
Half a World Away

This is My Music - Songs Interspersed with quotes - Probably 93-94
Purple Haze
F$% Me in the Brain
Someday Never Comes
Keep Your Mouth Off My Sisters
March of the Pigs
Get Down Make Love

Jenn & Melissa Summer 98
Mo Money
Gone Til November
Body Bumpin
Jungle Love
Million Dollars
Kiss The Rain

Denise & Jenn Volume 1 - Late 90's
Boom Boom Boom
Tonight is the Night
Tootsie Roll
It Takes 2
Killing Me Softly
Sexual Healing
Gotta Lick it - Work It - Boom Ba-na-na-na - don't know the name but those are the words!!

Denise & Jenn Volume 2 - Late 90's
Ladies Night
3 AM
That Girl
Tainted Love
Heart of Glass
Foolish Games
Doin' It Well
The Titanic Song - you know which one I mean

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