Wednesday, July 23

Dress Up on a Rainy Day

Looks like Jumpin' J has some drama in him like his parents. It has been raining all day today so J was antsy when he woke up from his nap. He likes to play in the drawers in his room and pull everything out but today he wanted to put the things on.

First it was the hat that Cousin Hannah made him

Then it was Daddy's old swimsuit coverup

Then the two together with some flip flops for next year

When he couldn't walk it we exchanged the flip flops for booties Arlene made

But they were too slippery to walk in so we tried the full body bib from Pops

And then fully garbed he decided to read a Christmas book.

Jumpin' J and I were both laughing through the whole thing. It was really hilarious. Hopefully one day his girlfriends will appreciate the pictures as well. ;)

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