Friday, July 18

Story Land

Last weekend was the Annual MathWorks Outing! Jumpin' J's dad's company (where I used to work before J) takes all their employees plus families away to Mt. Washington for the weekend. It is really fun every year and it is pretty fun to reminisce about what wild parties used to happen back 7 years ago when we first went and everyone was still young and single.

Grandma Laurie's friend Laura won tickets to Storyland and she gave them to us because she wouldn't use them so Jumpin' J got his first taste of an amusement park and he LOVED it. I thought he might make it an hour or so but we were there for four hours! He had a blast and we will definitely do it again! Here are just a sampling of some of his favorite rides!

Obligatory Story Land Clown Pic

Mini Slide J Could Go On Alone

Little Miss Muffett's Spider, Would Have Sat Here All Day If He Could

Riding the Teacups with Mom and Dad, Loved the Turtle Twirl Too

The Loopy Lab Was Filled With Balls, J Was In Heaven

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