Thursday, February 12

Double Greats

One of the best things, for me at least, of going to Florida with Jumpin' J and Sean was getting to see my family. I was very lucky to not only get to see all of my grandparents but also to see some of my great aunts and uncles, or Double Greats for J.

Grandma Johnson's sister, Norma, and her husband, Morris, live just a hop, skip, and a jump from Grandma and Grandpa's house. We got to go over to their house to visit and J was psyched to see Uncle Morris' train set!! He even borrowed their grandson, Vaughn's, engineer's cap for a few minutes while watching the electric trains. And Aunt Norma generously fed J all the grapes his little belly could hold.
And then when we were at Grandpa Kimball's his only sister, Corrine, and her husband, Harry, drove quite a ways to come have lunch with us and meet J. They live in Daytona Beach so it was a little bit of a haul for them but we really appreciated it. J was fascinated with Aunt Corrine's merry-go-round necklace! And he loved the dish set that they brought him!
Thanks to all of our relatives for taking the time to visit with us, we really had an awesome time! We hope to see all of you again soon!!!

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