Saturday, February 14

Ice Dam Brings Company

When I went to bed one night last week I heard dripping in the living room and unfortunately discovered that we had an apparent ice dam on the roof and the water was leaking in our window frame and dripping down. There was also water marks in the ceiling of both our bedroom and the living room, yuck yuck yuck. So a call to the condo company was placed.
Jumpin' J was fascinated watching the men from the snow removal company get up on their tall ladders and bang/sweep the snow and ice off the roof. He pretty much stood at the sliding door the entire time and chatted to them through the glass and waved. He even got out his hammer from the puzzle he got from Nana and Pop Steve so he could bang away with them.
Even now he goes to the back window to look for the "guys"! So far there's no more dripping but I'll be J would be psyched to see the guys again.

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