Wednesday, February 11

Gampa Kimba and Arlene

Next on our tour of the middle of Florida was a trip to The Villages to see my Grandpa Kimball and his girlfriend, Arlene in their new house. While Grandma and Grandpa Johnson have been in FL for over a decade, Grandpa Kimball and Arlene are relatively new converts to the pleasures of the state. And they decided to buy a place in The Villages. The Villages is this amazingly huge planned community for 55+ residents with golf courses, shopping, country clubs, restaurants, and every club and activity you could possibly imagine.


Jumpin' J loved to ride in "Gampa Kimba"'s bright yellow golf cart and was thoroughly entertained by the ship playground they have in the closest community center to their house. We all got to eat honeybells which are soooo good that we actually had some shipped home!! Honeybells resembles a naval orange, but are actually a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. They are only available during the month of January so we just caught them. They are super super juicy and sweet and they are sooo yummy!

We got to try out a bunch of their different restaurants, my favorite being this great Spanish style restaurant right on the golf course where we ate lunch one afternoon!

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