Tuesday, January 20

Peetsy with Yiyee

Stringing words is a relatively new concept in my little one's life. To string words means to start to make them into sentences for all you non-parents out there in blogging land ;) The latest two aren't exactly a full sentence but they impress me all the same... he says "Peetsy Yiyee"!
Last week we met up with Auntie Erika and YiYee for lunch so that we could exchange presents and get their car seat that fits in airplane seats. They were at Yiyee's Grandpa's house so we met them part of their way home and had pizza for lunch! So to translate "Peetsy Yiyee" is Jumpin' J's reminder to me that we had pizza with Yiyee for lunch the other day and is also usually a not so subtle clue that he would like to do that again soon! Since they are both social butterflies J's and Yiyee's schedule has to be carefully coordinated so that we can meet up! Hopefully we can work it out so that we can again soon!!!!

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