Friday, January 16

Mini Daddy

It's really funny to see the mannerisms that J picks up from his dad and I. He says "nope" just like me and I catch him making "daddy" faces or "mommy" faces all the time. Daddy tries to get home as much as he can to read J a bedtime story. And when he does they sit in the rocking chair and Daddy puts his feet up on the bed and crosses his ankles. The other night I went in to kiss J good night and noticed that his ankles were crossed just like Mini Daddy. And now he keeps doing it and it's so cute because it is so deliberate. He'll sit down and get comfy and then cross his ankles. Here's him in the car!


Melissa said...

I thought all that was really cute too, until one day my daughter opened the refrigerator, put her hands on her hips and queried, "What the HELL am I supposed to eat?

You guessed...just like Mini Daddy!

XOXO for the comment on my blog. You rock!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?