Monday, January 19

Squareheads Unite

No, not Spongebob Squarepants, SQUAREHEADS! That's what my Grandpa K, Pops to J, calls us Norwegians! J is lucky enough to be Norwegian on both of his paternal sides so he is a Super Duper Squarehead!


Jumpin' J and I leave for Florida tomorrow. Tonight we get to sleep over Uncle "Anru" and Auntie Kim's house since Anru is driving us to the airport in the morning! What a great brother I have!!!!!!

J's dad is going to meet us down there. While in Florida we're going to be staying with Grandpa and Grandpa J, some fellow Squareheads, as well as the above mentioned Pops and his girlfriend Arlene! It should be a blast and we are really excited. Hopefully it'll be warm enough for swimming outside because I bought J a cool Red Sox bathing suit!!!

Don't despair loyal readers I've set up some blogs to post while we're gone! Have a great week everyone and we'll have lots to write about when we get home!!!

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