Friday, January 16

Miracles Do Happen

What a Wonderful World
This Can Be!!

A few months ago I wrote a blog about a wonderful blogging mom, Nie, who was in an airplane crash. Her family and friends have been raising money to help out with Nie and her husband's medical expenses. And her sister Courtney, along with others I'm sure, have been keeping her blog alive as well as posting updates for all those wondering minds like mine. It has been a miracle to me to see the outpouring of love and support this awesome and deserving family has received and continues to receive! It reminds me that there really is good in this sometimes crappy world.

Nie was back at the computer today to write her first blog to all of her old faithful followers as well as many new friends! And while her physical appearance may be different her spirit remains the same!

May all the sunshine
in the universe
continue to shine down
on Nie and her family
as they recover together!!!!

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