Sunday, January 25

Opinions Galore

Over the last three weeks or so it's like a word fountain has been turned on in Jumpin' J! It seems like he has a least 5 new words every day and he repeats everything that I say. Yesterday he said to me "No way" when I asked him if he wanted to get his diaper changed. And out comes "forward roll" when talking to Grandma Laurie on the phone last night. Other new ones are "Anru" (Uncle Andrew) and Kim, playground, pirate, Toby (a train), yogurt, hamburger, and
"pick up"(pick me up).

He also has started having opinions on things. Let me clarify that, he started having opinions on EVERYTHING! Food is a big choice in our house now. He wants raspberry yogurt not strawberry. Fishy crackers over cinnamon! The blue crayon instead of the yellow one. He wants to go to gym class or the playground but definitely does not want to have to sit in his car seat to get there.

And when you disagree on something he gets mad and the terrible two's make their appearance! It starts if you start to read him one book when he wanted you to read another! Watch out if he wants you to "come" with him and you're doing something else! The tears well up and he scrunches up his face which gets all red. If he can, he lays down on the floor or, if he can't lay down, he throws his head back and the wailing starts. I have to admit that it's all in all pretty funny if just a teeny tiny bit frustrating.

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