Sunday, January 18

Playtown's Huge Weeeeee

Hmmm.... rereading that title it sounds slightly questionable but I promise it's not!

On Wednesday we met a group of WMMs at one of the local indoor playgrounds. Playtown is just a few minutes from our house and J's dad got us a special pass for Christmas so both J and I were so excited to check it out.
It was awesome!!!!!!!!!
There were all kinds of things to do!

The best part for me was that it was almost completely "parent-proof" too so I could play with him on things. I always loved those bouncy houses!
Of course, for J the best part was the Humongous Weeee (Slide)!!!! We went down together once and it was fun. When we got to the top again J's friend, Lightening, was too scared to go down alone so I sent J down alone and took Lightening with me. J liked going down by himself so much better than with Mommy, independent little man that he is. So next thing I know he's bravely climbing the ladder ALONE. Yes, I did have a heart attack when I saw it! But he was totally fine!!!! His smile was priceless!!!!

And off he went with Babydoll and Gordon. I lost count of the number of times they went up and down that huge weeee!

He would have done it all day long if I hadn't made him leave for lunch and a nap. Next time we'll plan to go when they first open and bring a lunch so he can stay and play 'til he's falling asleep on his feet! And I promise to bring my camera next time because all the action shots are totally blurry from my phone camera!

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