Monday, June 9

All You Need is a BOX

For his birthday Jumpin' J's dad and I got him a Radio Flyer wagon. We both remember the joys of boxes so we decided to keep it to see if J would like it too. It's been in the family room since his birthday but on Saturday he really discovered it, the BOX! He was laughing the whole time and it was a great time for J's dad and me too!

When you have a BOX you can look through it to the other end!

When you have a BOX you can crawl back and forth inside of it and chase your ball!

When you have a BOX you can climb on top of it, all by yourself!

When you have a BOX you can use it to try to climb like Spiderman to get other things you couldn't reach before!
(Note: We did not help with this we were just the safety net)


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Lilypad Mom said...

Toys are only entertaining after the boxes that they came in have been destroyed by all the use.