Friday, June 20

Who Cares if Its Pink

Jumpin' J got his first ride in our neighbors' pink Jeep and he was LOVING it. (Yes the neighbors are girls!) Fortunately he is secure enough in his own masculinity to be comfortable with pink because this car is PINK!!! He was laughing and laughing, he would have stayed there forever if we had let him.

And then when he was done with his ride and the girls went onto playing with something out he did a complete visual inspection of the car. It was really funny to see, he even got down to look under the car.



Maybe someday he'll have a jeep of his own, preferably not a pink one....

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Lilypad Mom said...

Even if it starts off as pink, a little spray paint works wonders. I'm sure my neighbors would love to have a new one to work on now that there's nothing left for them to do on L's.