Friday, June 13

First Time Using Chopsticks

Jumpin' J and I went to story time with one of our friends from gym class and we met some of their friends there. After story time they invited us to go to lunch with them at a local Korean restaurant. One of the other little boys had eaten there many times and he had the dairy and soy allergies like J has so it worked out perfectly because they knew what he could eat and what he couldn't.

As usual Jumpin' J liked everything we put in front of him. The dish we ordered had noodles and pork and veggies in it and so he got to try some new things. I used the chopsticks to eat and he got to try them too. J's dad and I are going to order him some of the kid's chopsticks that one of the other moms was talking about!


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Lilypad Mom said...

J is such a great eater, I'm sure he loved the Korean food!

LP has a set of chopsticks from her friend's Chinese New Year party. She loves them and does really well with them. She actually used real ones about a month ago when were in a restaurant.