Monday, June 9

Grandma Susie's Hutch

When Pops came down for Jumpin' J's birthday he brought down the hutch that he had made for Grandma Susie when they were just a young couple starting out. He didn't want it any more so we took it and will love it!

It reminds me of home just to look at it. It was always in my grandma's kitchen when I was growing up. It was filled with napkins and tablecloths or picture albums or whatever she needed to store there. And it always had her tips in there and it was fun to get out the rolled coins and all the loose coins in a can.

Jumpin' J discovered it this weekend and had fun peeking in the doors and checking things out. Hopefully it will help to generate as many memories for him as it has for me.


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Lilypad Mom said...

I'm so glad you got the hutch. I know how much it meant to you.